Bonus Round #8

Get ready for another post of catching up on some awards!

Blogger Recognition Award


Original post here – The Blogger Recognition Award

I’ve been nominated by two lovely ladies for this award. Disoriented Mom and Jamie! Both amazing and supportive women with great blogs.

The rules for this award are to explain why you started this blog, which I will leave out as I’ve said that story before. The other part of this award is to give two tips for other bloggers.

  • Preview your post through before you publish. Make sure the photos show up (i’ve been caught out before), reread what you’ve written. Proofreading is always good.
  • Include pictures. I just like pictures, I’m a very visual person, and it helps to break up the paragraphs.

Sweet Blogger Award

Original post here – Sweet Blogger Award

Ari and Pamela both nominated me for this! Thanks friends!

Ari’s Questions:

  • Do you feel like blogging is difficult, and if so, how?

I do feel like it’s difficult. It takes up a lot of time, in terms of planning, writing, and taking pictures, as well as trying to keep up with those you follow. To me though, it’s time well spent 🙂

  • What is your secret hobby that most people don’t know you like doing?

So many things. Lately it’s been playing my ukulele and singing. I’m not great at it, but I just love doing it.

  • What is something going on in the world today that gets you upset?

Shootings. Violence. To be honest, I try not to focus on the bad in the world, cause there is a lot. I’m someone who is aware of the bad in the world, but searches for the good.

  • What was your most scariest moment?

Nothing huge comes to mind really. I get lots of little frights. I think one of the biggest was when I was 20 and at home alone. This guy just walked into our house as I was in the kitchen. I didn’t even hear him enter. I wasn’t quite sure how to react when he saw me and said “Oh, hi! Where’s _____?” I forget the name he asked. I said I had no idea. He looked confused and said “Isn’t this _______’s house?” I said no. He laughed and apologised, then left. That was it. At the time I was just frozen and trying to process there was a stranger in the house. Looking back, it was pretty scary and reminded me to lock the door. But also, who doesn’t knock before entering their ‘friends’ house??

  • Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

Not really

  • What is your biggest pet-peeve?

People who leave grocery carts anywhere but the cart bay where they SHOULD go.

  • Have you ever met a celebrity before?


  • What place would you travel to if you won a free trip?

If it was free. America, Europe, or Iceland. The really far away places that will cost me ages to get to just from flights along.

  • What do you think is the secret to success?

Luck, opportunity, skill and hard work. It’s a combination of things.

  • What are some of the key things you’ve learned over the past few years?

Don’t be afraid of failure and rejection. They are bound to happen, and it’s good to learn how to respond and react to them.

Pamela’s Questions:

  • What is your ideal work situation? (Working from home, working in an office, etc.)

Ideal? Well it would be working from my laptop, but anywhere in the world. For example, a full time blogger who gets to travel and what not 😀

  • What is your favorite social media?

If we’re not counting WordPress, then Instagram.

  • If you could win a free trip anywhere, where would you go?

Again, Europe, America or Iceland.

  • Continuing the free trip, who would you take with you?

Rory probably.

  • Your favorite moments of 2017 so far?

Wedding, Honeymoon, and House. In that order.


  • What is something funny that happened to you in the past few days?

While walking around the carpark of the grocery store, my shoes lost grip and I nearly lost my balance while a car was going by. I mean, I guess it wouldn’t be funny if I hadn’t caught myself and stumbled away from the car…but I find it funny looking back.

  • What is your favorite scents?


  • What is one film you’d recommend to someone?

Okay, well that depends what kind of movie. There are so many genres. Also, when I get asked this, I always immediately go blank. Ummm.. My Neighbour Totoro.

  • Summer vacation or winter vacation?

I’ve had enough cold weather, so summer vacation.

  • Any particular food you’re craving right now?


Mystery Blogger Award

Image result for mystery blogger award space

Original post here – Mystery Blogger Award

Jamie again nominated me. Guess I’m just on your mind 😛 Seriously though, go check her out if you don’t already. You will not be disappointed with the word girl 🙂

First off, 3 facts.

  1. I am in love with my new camera
  2. I want to read more, but at the same time, I have a hundred other hobbies I want to spend time on.
  3. As of this week, I can’t stop listening to Hard Times by Paramore

Jamie’s Questions:

  • What toppings are on your perfect pizza?

I am the biggest fan of pineapple, but right now I’m craving the ones we have at Meditteranean Food Warehouse. I can’t remember what’s on it, but I want it.

  • Beer or wine?

Neither. But if I have to, wine.

  • Have you ever said ‘i love you’ first?

Technically yes. Rory effectively said it first, via text. Then I was the one who said it out loud first. Took weeks though, which I find hilarious now. But every time one of us tried to say it out loud at first, we couldn’t. It felt like it had this weight to it. I finally blurted it one afternoon, and he was super happy and said it back. Now we just say it constantly.

  • Fruits or vegetables?

I like more kinds of fruits, than vegetables. So I’ll go with fruits.

  • Pick one of your fave blog posts. What’s so cool about it?

It changes often. But I’ll go with Small Things That Freak Me Out. I wrote that randomly after suddenly realizing there was a spider in my hair. It’s a whole list about minor things that give me a mini heart-attack. What’s so cool about it, is that so many people related to it, then shared their own small things in the comments. I love that post.

That’s all for another catch up of posts! I have another nomination I’ve also received for a tag I haven’t done, so that will be up later this week in a separate post!


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17 thoughts on “Bonus Round #8

  1. Rory probably…hahaha what was his reaction? Is there a clause there… like honey if you buy me an unlimited supply of (whatever you want) for a lifetime, the probably shall be left out 😛 And that incident of the guy walking into your home is suspicious and utterly creepy. Enjoyed reading the answers, girl. xx


    1. He said he’d come with me 😀
      Yeah, looking back, I don’t understand the logic of what he was doing, but luckily it seems like he was just someone who wasn’t thinking, rather than dangerous.


  2. So cool that you play the ukulele, I started playing the guitar when I was in high school but I stopped when I started working and then went to school, then I got pregnant….so many things got in the way but I would like to start trying again, that or the drums but I need to buy a drum set LOL..
    Perhaps one day you should film yourself playing the ukulele, reminds me of Tracy from HIMYM and Stephanie Grooch from Scrubs 😀


    1. It’s a lot of fun! I love playing the ukulele and singing along. I hope to one day film myself playing. But I’m working my way up to it ? I love Tracy from HIMYM! I’ve started learning her version of La Vie en Rose. ?


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