30 Day Photography Challenge – Days 6-10

Here are the next five pictures from the Photography Challenge I’m doing!

Day 6 – Obsession


I have obsessed over many things and activities in general, and blogging has helped me find more things to obsess about. So I had to include a photo with a lot of things. Some things I have obsessed over are photography, blogging, stationary, Harry Potter, wedding, makeup, travel, and many aesthetic things in general.

Day 7 – Changes to Come

changes to come

This one was hard for me, cause I had no idea what to do. Lots of things change, seasons, clouds, people, etc. Instead, I tried to make a simple photo. I put in an empty page from my notebook. This is the one that I’m using for doodles. I hope to fill it up with lots of random things soon.

Day 8 – Routine


There were many options for this one too. I am a creature of habit, and I love my routines. I decided to stick with one of my favourite parts of any routine. A delicious breakfast, and my morning coffee.

Day 9 – Someone You Love

Someone I Love

If you weren’t expecting a picture of Rory, then you may be new to my blog. Fun fact, this was the first ever picture I took with my new camera 🙂

Day 10 – Childhood Memory

childhood memory

Again, I was trying to think of what to narrow it down to. I couldn’t do a childhood home or room, since we moved around a million times and I can’t go breaking into any of those old houses. A childhood toy? I think I gave most away. Then I looked at my shelf. Good old Harry Potter. So many memories of reading those books. Sitting in cars, at home, at school, while walking home from school (I used to read this while walking home and it wasn’t the best idea, I bumped into a lot of things). Harry Potter has a special place in my childhood, and now.

That’s it for days 6-10. I’ll post the next five on the 16th!

30 Day Photography Challenge #designerssweetspot

Which one was your favourite?

Part 1 – Days 1-5


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19 thoughts on “30 Day Photography Challenge – Days 6-10

  1. I like your covers of the Harry Potter books! Living here in California, our covers aren’t really the coolest… And yay, another HP fan! I’m in the process of buying all the Illustrated books since the third one just came out heheh.

    cabin twenty-four


    1. If you want to join in the challenge feel free to! I found the original challenge on Pinterest, but there s lots of variations. You just need to take a photo of each prompt, and that’s it ?


  2. I love how sharp and clear your pictures are. The bird’s eye view of your breakfast is a good one! The Harry Potter series was a good one for childhood memory, its crazy how long ago the first one came out, I think it was 1997. Nuts! Such a fun challenge, I may have to take a stab at it at some point!

    xo, JJ


      1. hahaha I kept looking and for some reason, Angela, I was drawn to it. It reminds me of the promise of things that will come.

        All of your photographs are done very well. Any I take there’s a good chance it will be blurry, and I will post it anyway 😉 hahaha 🙂


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