Recent Everything Haul

I haven’t done a haul post lately, not since Homeware Haul and Beauty Haul. I haven’t bought much specific things from any one store lately, so I just thought I’d share a bunch of stuff I’ve bought over the past few months.

Okay, let’s go!



Whitcoulls – Writing Notepad, Journals, and Postcards

The notepad and postcards were for writing to friends across the world. They all have them by now 🙂 The journals were cause I just liked them.


The Warehouse – Craft Paper and Sticky Notes

These were for my Travel Wall project.



Specsavers – OSullivan

I was getting bored of my old pair as I’d had them for a few years, so I thought I was due for a new pair!



Mirrou – Singlet

I love me some Patterned Tops!

Thrift Store – Black Merino, Blue Bohemina Top, Blue with Gold Pattern

I visited Rebound a couple of times, and I found some cute tops!

Kmart – Loose Black Pants, Circle Scarf

During our Kmart shops while looking for house things, I would have to walk through the clothing area. So eventually, I was going to get something 🙂



Kmart – Fake Plants

Good old Kmart. This was when I was starting to think about flat lays, and also fake plants don’t need to be looked after, and they look nice.

Salvation Army Family Store – Grey Couch, Blue Office Chair

We wanted a couch for our living room. We’d been eyeing up one at The Warehouse when we decided to check out Sallies. This time, we found a grey two-seater that we really liked. It was so comfy, and it still is. It also only cost us $15!! I also wanted an office chair, and this blue one caught my eye. Again, the comfort level was amazing, so we got it for $10.

Kmart – Black Shaggy Rug

Our living room looked a bit empty still, and a rug is always nice for added decor.

Camera and Camera Bag

PB Tech – Nikon D3400

JB Hi-Fi – Flea Market Twin Lens DSLR Bag

You guys know the story of the camera. I’ve been wanting one for ages, and there was a sale so I went for it! Then, of course, I wanted a proper bag for it to keep my camera and the lens safe.

Bath Bombs

Lush – Intergalactic and Dragon’s Egg Bath Bombs

Bath bombs! They’re the best, and I would love to try another one before the bathtub goes.



Farmers – Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette and Master Strobing Liquid

Two makeup products I’ve been wanting to try. I’m a fan of Maybelline, so I thought I’d give their eyebrow palette and highlighter a go. I’ve been really liking them!

That’s all! Nothing too crazy, but I just wanted to share a haul of some kind. What have you guys spent money on lately?


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27 thoughts on “Recent Everything Haul

  1. Great haul! I keep delaying my hauls, I hope I don’t go overboard this week/weekend lol. And Kmart just up and disappeared from here! I haveb’t seen one in years! LOL


  2. I like the grey rug angela, it looks so cozy. I’ve mainly been spending my money on food lol but I did buy a romper and some earrings I found at a local market.


      1. lol honestly yes that’s how I find new things to love. you are so welcome :). I’m glad you found one that is so reasonable!.


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