A Wedding OOTD

For this OOTD post, I’m not taking photos in my backyard! Shocking I know. But I wanted to show what I was wearing to Jo and Tibor’s wedding. Also, I’m just having fun with these OOTD posts, plus I just like sharing pictures.

All these photos have been taken by the husband. Rory was also snap happy that weekend, and we took turns with my Nikon camera. It was exhausted by the end of the day, and ran out of battery, despite it being fully charged that morning.

There were so many beautiful spots at Mudbrick. We all enjoyed walking around finding spots for photos. The balconies, architecture, gardens and views all provided lots of gorgeous backdrops. My favourite was at the lavender garden, it smelt and looked amazing.

On we go.

Now to the details.

I got this blue dress from Mirrou. I wore it a lot back when I was in Fiji, and I’ve been wanting to wear it again. It is so comfy and floaty. I love the light blue colour and all the patterns. It seemed perfect for a spring wedding up on Waiheke Island. I paired the dress with my favourite pink quartz necklace and strappy nude wedges. I was also wearing some pearl bracelets and a charm bracelet that my mum lent me on the day.

That’s all for this OOTD.


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16 thoughts on “A Wedding OOTD

  1. I lovee that color on you! It makes you pop with your dark hair and tan skin! And kudos to Rory for snapping some great shots! I love the one of the dress going in the wind! Very pretty! I love that the tattoo made an appearance too!!!

    xo, JJ


  2. Oh wow you look so pretty!! Great outfit for a spring wedding!! Hope you guys had so much fun!! I think weddings are 100% more amazing when its someone so close to you!! xx


      1. Was this the first wedding you have been to since your own? We had one over the summer and it was so nice!! Through out the day we where reminiscing about ours and thinking of what we where doing at that time on ours. It was also very enjoyable not having to worry about anyone or anything and sitting back and enjoying it all 🙂 xxx


      2. I’d been to a family friend’s one a few years back. It didn’t make too much of an impression on me since I didn’t know them too well. So I’ve only been to three ? I definitely like that we could just sit back and relax at this wedding though. No planning or worrying needed ?


      3. In the last 2 years we have had 13! I swear, its been crazy!! Most have been back home to so a good bit of travelling!! It killed our annual leave in 2016! Pretty much all our time was for this! I’ve gotten really good at wedding presents and outfits though!!! xx


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