30 Day Photography Challenge – Days 16-20

Here’s the next five photos in the photography challenge!

Day 16 – A Good Habit

good habit

This was taken a few days ago in Waiheke. I like to go for walks. Sure, it may be because it gives me a lot of photo opportunities, but it’s a form of exercise. It’s one I enjoy and often do. I would constitute this as a good habit.

Day 17 – Technology


When my brain struggles for photo ideas, I keep going to flat lays. What can I say, they’re fun and aesthetically pleasing to look at. I gave this one a shot, incorporating technology I use on a daily basis. That’s my phone, iPod, laptop, and I would count a pen as a tool of technology as well. Just the old school kind!

Day 18 – Your Shoes


This prompt is pretty straightforward. I gotta take a photo of my shoes. So I grabbed all of them and lay them out. I was considering wearing a pair, and then taking a photo that way, but I was happier with this one.

Day 19 – Something You Want

something you want

So this could be a photo of many things. Food, makeup, other material things. Instead, I went with another Waiheke photo. I want to travel, to be on holiday with loved ones, experience different things and see new places. I wish I could do it full time, but alas I cannot.

Day 20 – In My Bag

in my bag

Another straightforward prompt. Also a post I did a while ago. However maybe I should do an updated one, cause I carry different things around now. This is my Moana Road blue satchel bag. I use it for work. On any given work day, this is what you’ll probably find in my bag. Book, pens, keys, water bottle, phone, wallet, ipod and then a few care products. Lip balm, concealer (for touch ups) and a hairbrush.

30 Day Photography Challenge #designerssweetspot

That’s it for this round! The next five will be up on the 26th!

Which one was your favourite?


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