Ring of Fire Ukulele Cover

Yeah, so this is a big thing for me. I used to play music in front of people, back in high school, when I was the best flautist around (I was only really average). But since then, I haven’t performed anything music related to any people other than myself. I mentioned recently that I’ve been practising the ukulele. There’s a few songs that I can do pretty well now, but only one or two I feel comfortable enough to show people. Even now I’m nervous about putting myself out there, but I really do love playing this song.

It’s Ring of Fire, by Johnny Cash. I’m not really a country fan, but I like this song, and it’s one of the easier songs I’ve learnt. It only has three chords, and repeats itself quite a bit. Plus, he sings in a lower register, which lends itself better to my pitch, as I can’t sing very high (or well).

So I’ll just shush now, and let you guys watch the video. I feel proud of myself for filming and sharing this, and it’s motivating me to keep practising. It can only go up from here (I suppose).


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12 thoughts on “Ring of Fire Ukulele Cover

  1. You did a great job! I remember learning guitar at school and I could never not look down at where my fingers were. I would memorise the chords and constantly look down lol


    1. Thanks Chanelle! Haha, I could never get the hang of guitar, my fingers would struggle to reach the chord. I like ukulele much better. But yes, I always have to look down and make sure I’m doing the chord right 😀


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