Let’s Bake! (Halloween Spider Cookies Edition)

Hey! Halloween is a week away and I’m getting into the Halloween spirit by baking something ‘spooky’. It’s not that spooky, but I was flicking through Pinterest, and came across this pin.

It seemed perfect, and totally within my baking skills, so I gave it a shot. I used my faithful chocolate chip cookie recipe, and made a batch of those.

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies | Tastes Better From Scratch

Once they had cooled, I melted the remainder of our chocolate chips, threw it into a ziploc bag and piped to my best ability. I’m pretty happy with how they came out! I admired them and took lots of pictures! I remembered that Rory had some spider decor, so I grabbed them for props. Seemed appropriately spooky.

Fun fact, later on when I went to grab a cookie, I forgot how I’d decorated them and had a mini heart attack when I was about to eat one. I thought it was a real squished spider in the cookie until I remembered how I’d decorated the cookies.

Extra fun fact, can these really be counted as spiders since I gave them only six legs instead of eight?

They still taste like cookies in the end so I’m happy.

What spooky treats do you guys plan on making?


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