30 Day Photography Challenge Days 21-25

I’m up to the last batches of this challenge! Here’s the next five.

Day 21 – Faceless Self Portrait

faceless selfie

This was another early photo I took. I wanted a photo of me holding the camera, and the flash popped up. I really like how it came out though. You can’t see my face at all, since I’m holding it to my face. It fits into this prompt pretty well.

Day 22 – Inspirational


One evening, I turned around and saw the some impressive cloud formations.It was a pretty inspirational sight. I also realize that I have an insane number of pictures of clouds.

Day 23 – Patterns


I was trying to think of what I could do for patterns. There are some cool wall patterns I was considering, when I went through food photos. I love how restaurants display food. So much effort goes into it, and it always looks amazing! I count this as a pattern, since it’s repeated, technically 🙂

Day 24 – Animal


Ducks are one of my favourite animals. They’re just cute. I was lucky enough to get close to this little duck and snap a photo of him/her.

Day 25 – Strangers


I don’t really have a photo of strangers. I’m not in the habit of taking photos of people I don’t know. That being said, I do have a lot of scenery photos, and sometimes other people are in it. So here’s my strangers photo.

30 Day Photography Challenge #designerssweetspot

That’s it for this round! The last one will be up on the 31st!

Which one was your favourite?


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The Best Planner (1600 Followers!)

So I have two things to talk about in this post. The first is a bit overdue, but thank you for 1600 followers!! As always I get very excited when I reach a new milestone on my blog! Especially since this happened while I was having issues with my blog the past few days, it’s extra nice to know that so many of you guys are interested in my ramblings.

Onto the second thing, my new planner!!


Isn’t it adorable? I love the crazy rainbow pastel colours, as well as what it says. Something wonderful is going to happen! Always a good thought to have.

They have a monthly planner section spread over two pages, so it’s like a calendar. I use this to write down what posts I publish. Then I use the notes section on the side to colour code each ‘category’ I cover. By the way, I have a lot of categories, which I have been meaning to tidy up forever. I also include monthly stats, and any thoughts I have.


Then after all the months, they have a week by week section. Each page covers a week. I use it to again note each post I do, but with a little summary of each one.


Lately, I’ve also begun to note down daily stats again. It’s just fun to see how they change from day to day.


Finally, at the back they have a whole bunch of extra stuff. First is this Rate Your Year grid. They let you colour code each square, and then you fill it in as the year goes by. I can’t wait to see the colour extravaganza it will be at the end of next year.


There’s also a To-Do list, and a Not To-Do list, which I plan to fill with just random nonsense!


There’s also a bunch of grids which maybe I can use to try do some bullet journal things? Or more doodles. I’m open to suggestions.


Finally, it comes with stickers. They’re just regular planner stickers, but they’re still fun. But I might go hunt down for some extra stickers to fill up my planner with.


Yeah, that’s my new planner! I’m loving it so much already, and I can’t wait to fill it in with all my blogging related planning!

If you’re interested in the planner yourself, they’re made by Orange Circle Studio. You can find more of their planners on their site!


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