The Best Planner (1600 Followers!)

So I have two things to talk about in this post. The first is a bit overdue, but thank you for 1600 followers!! As always I get very excited when I reach a new milestone on my blog! Especially since this happened while I was having issues with my blog the past few days, it’s extra nice to know that so many of you guys are interested in my ramblings.

Onto the second thing, my new planner!!


Isn’t it adorable? I love the crazy rainbow pastel colours, as well as what it says. Something wonderful is going to happen! Always a good thought to have.

They have a monthly planner section spread over two pages, so it’s like a calendar. I use this to write down what posts I publish. Then I use the notes section on the side to colour code each ‘category’ I cover. By the way, I have a lot of categories, which I have been meaning to tidy up forever. I also include monthly stats, and any thoughts I have.


Then after all the months, they have a week by week section. Each page covers a week. I use it to again note each post I do, but with a little summary of each one.


Lately, I’ve also begun to note down daily stats again. It’s just fun to see how they change from day to day.


Finally, at the back they have a whole bunch of extra stuff. First is this Rate Your Year grid. They let you colour code each square, and then you fill it in as the year goes by. I can’t wait to see the colour extravaganza it will be at the end of next year.


There’s also a To-Do list, and a Not To-Do list, which I plan to fill with just random nonsense!


There’s also a bunch of grids which maybe I can use to try do some bullet journal things? Or more doodles. I’m open to suggestions.


Finally, it comes with stickers. They’re just regular planner stickers, but they’re still fun. But I might go hunt down for some extra stickers to fill up my planner with.


Yeah, that’s my new planner! I’m loving it so much already, and I can’t wait to fill it in with all my blogging related planning!

If you’re interested in the planner yourself, they’re made by Orange Circle Studio. You can find more of their planners on their site!


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37 thoughts on “The Best Planner (1600 Followers!)

      1. Yes that did the trick, found them in the UK. Its so hard to find a blog planner with everything you need. I can see why people opt for the bullet journals for it! I just have no patience for them. I’ve attempted them like 5 times and each time it ends in disaster!! Love this one though, colours are fab!! xx


      2. I purchased a mid year one!! They are everywhere now I assume for students!! Saw it today while out and about!! Has the calendar set up for the days which I loved!! Cant wait to start filling it in!! Ye, my patience and the bujo styles just don’t mix well!! xx


  1. Your planner is so cute and colorful angela and I love that it has so much space. I don’t really have a planner for my blog but I’m thinking it’s about time, to help keep me accountable on posting regularly.


    1. Thanks Bee! I did choose it specifically cause it was so bright and colourful ? This is the first time Ive bought a planner specifically for blogging. I’d always wanted one but couldn’t find one I liked until now ?


      1. anytime angela 🙂 & so glad that you found one that worked for you. Yes! bright and colorful is right up my alley too.


      1. You’re welcome! Yeah the same thing happened with the planner I’ve been using since this past summer; the cover is so pretty, and the inside is awesome, as well!


  2. I’m amazed to see how easily you manage to hit a milestone after a milestone! Well done, Angela!

    And that looks like the perfect planner! I especially love the part when you colour your days, and I’m thinking of stealing that idea for my bullet journal haha 😀


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