Night Time Cozy Subscription Box (VIM Edition)

Guys! I won Emma’s giveaway a while back, and one day after work I came home to this massive box at my door! I had no idea that the subscription box was the VIM edition! VIM stands for Very Important Marzipan, and I was overwhelmed with the goodies that came inside!

So, since there was so much, I’ll just give a first impression of all these goodies!!

Night Time Cozy

Let’s have a look!

Hello Extra-Whitening Flouride Toothpaste


Now I have tried this toothpaste a few times, it’s non-foaming and the whitening products are all natural. So no peroxide, no dyes, artificial sweeteners and no preservatives. It’s also apparently vegan and gluten-free. That being out of the way, I like the toothpaste. No idea how to judge the whitening aspect though since I’ve only been using it for a few days.

Bole USA Toothbrush


This is apparently the toothbrush of the future, according to the box. The bristles are surprisingly gentle, and it feels nice to brush with. According to the card that comes with the box, the brush is also embedded with silver in the bristles which kills baterica that builds on your toothbrush. Neat.

Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser

gel cleanser

I don’t currently have a cleanser for washing my face or removing makeup. I just use wipes and splash my face with water. I’ve used it a few times though and it feels really good on my face. It’s removed minimal makeup quite easily, but I haven’t tried it when I’ve worn more makeup. The cleanser has Yucca root extract and saponaria in it, whatever those are.

DERMA E Overnight Peel

overnight peel

I didn’t know that there a product that you could leave on your face overnight. I have yet to try this, but like most of Marzia’s products, I’m sure it’ll be good.

Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender & Espresso Body Lotion

body lotion

Lavender and Espresso sound like a crazy mix. I didn’t even get that when I was smelling it, but it feels really smooth when I put in and hydrates my skin well. That’s all I need in a lotion. I got a hand cream by this brand in Marzia’s Summer Favourites Box, and I was impressed by that one too.

YesTo Grapefruit Sleeping Mask, Agadir Moisture Masque, and Borghese Restorative Eye Sheet Mask


I combined all the masks in one photo. The first one is for your face, which I think you wear as you sleep. The second one is for your hair to nourish and mend split end and frizziness. The third one is for your undereyes. It takes me ages to try any kind of mask, but I’ll get to these eventually.

Blue Lagoon Multi-Pack

blue lagoon

Recently, Marzia and Felix went to Iceland and visited the Blue Lagoon. She was then able to work out a deal to get them to add some goodies to the subscription box! This includes three little tubs to exfoliate, cleanse and nourish skin. I’m really keen to try this during the weekend.

Kenra Hairspray

Volume Spray

I don’t use hairspray too much, but apparently this one is award winning, flake free, dries fast for up to 120 hours (!), and has wind and humidity resistance. I may have to try find some styles to try just so I can use this amazing hairspray.

Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment

hair treatment

This is a leave-on treatment for you hair, that will apparently give you that salon look. As someone who’s been trying to resist going to the salon, this could be fun!

Pretty Vulgar On Point Liquid Eyeliner Pen


I haven’t tried this eyeliner, but from the packaging alone I’m already in love! It’s adorable!! I always love playing with eyeliners, so I can’t wait to take this one out for a spin.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss

lip gloss

I misread the name of this lip gloss a few times before realizing it was a P not a F. Either way, cute play on words. I don’t normally wear lipgloss, but again, I love playing around with beauty and makeup things.

Creamy Pop Stickers and Buttons

creamy pop

A button featuring Maya, and sticker featuring Edgar!

Custom Pillowcases


The box came with two pillowcases, designed by Marzia! They fall under her Forest Creature themed doodles which I love.

Marzia Bath Bomb

bath bomb

It’s little, pink, and smells faintly of bubblegum I think. It’s cute, but when I put it in our full sized bath, it didn’t really make much of a difference.

Forest Creature Saku Washcloth


A teeny washcloth with another forest creature design!

Forest Creature Shido Candle


Another forest creature design, this time for a candle. I think it’s scented, but I can’t figure out what the scent is. I’m also not really into scented candles myself.

Art Print

art print

A little print which I plan to hang in my office 🙂


So yeah, that’s everything in the box! It’s so much stuff, and I can’t wait to try them all! I’ve always loved Marzia’s subscription box, so I’m glad this was the giveaway I was lucky enough to win!! I still have products to use up from her previous boxes, and now I have even more!! So much goodies, and I’m still buzzing! Thanks again to Emma for hosting the giveaway!

Have you guys tried any of the products above?


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