Bloggers Made Me Buy It

I mean, I have free will and all, but you guys were definitely an influencing factor in all these purchases 😛


So if you guys know Anni from Gluecksgeist, you’ll know she often shares her obsessions with us. One of them was of cactus, and I was immediately swept up in it. They’re simply adorable, and I ended up going to my nearest garden store, and bought some straight away!

Three Year Journal


I was inspired by Ella’s posts about her five year journal, and I wanted something similar. While exploring Typo one day, I came across a three-year journal! Each month cycles the same questions which I was a little disappointed with, but otherwise, this is so much fun to fill in!! I can only imagine what my life will be like when it’s fully completed in another two years.



I mean a lot of you guys have talked about using planners for your blog. But two posts were stuck in my mind when I was walking around another stationary store (maybe I should stop going in so much). Jamie and Sarah, both recently did posts talking about their planners. So when the perfect one came along for me, how could I not get it??

Scratch Map

travel wall

I recently shared with you guys my little travel wall I had made to document my travel journeys. I asked for any suggestions to extend on it. Arundhati suggested a scratch map which I forgot even existed. So of course, I looked online and found one I liked for a decent price. So I immediately bought it.

DSLR Camera

I had wanted one for a while now. Especially since blogging, and I realized how much I love to photograph things. While these ladies weren’t directly responsible for me buying it, I know both Hazel and Chanelle have one (along with many others), and have talked about how much they loved theirs. So when a local electronic store had a sale, I bought it.


Even before having my DSLR camera, I struggled taking pictures of my outfits, or filming videos. I would balance my little digital camera or phone in the weirdest places, where it often fell down. Finally, after reading about Paige and Oriana getting a tripod, it all clicked into place. I also needed one.


This one is a little weird, but I would never have considered myself as someone who would wear overalls. Until I took part in Kali’s July Thrift List. I came out of that with clothes I wouldn’t have considered at all before. Now I have this pair of overalls that I love, I just need to track down some shorts version for the upcoming warmer seasons.

Real Technique Brushes

Now we move onto the beauty products. I had been a fan of using my fingers for all makeup things, but eventually I was curious about brushes. Both Pearl and Azra recommended Real Techniques as a decent brand of brushes that weren’t overpriced. So I got the core collection set, and I love using them.

Real Techniques Sponge

Speaking of Real Techniques, Rossy recommended their sponge, as I mentioned that I was interested in beauty blenders. I bought a little one from a pharmacy, but since I loved their brushes, I thought I’d give their blender a go too.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

Bella often talks about this over on her blog. I had been curious on switching up my foundation for a while, so I gave it a go. There’s no sample size, so I could only get the full size but it came highly recommended, so I was good. I love it! The powder surprisingly offers lots of coverage!

In terms of makeup, I have bought lots of other products that I was pretty much unaware of before blogging. This includes bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow palettes, setting sprays, etc.

Basically what I’m saying is, there’s so much more stuff I didn’t know I wanted and or needed till you guys came along. I’m kidding (a little). I do love all of these purchases though, so I guess you guys have good taste. I wonder what I’ll be ‘inspired’ to buy next.

Have you guys bought anything because of a fellow blogger’s recommendation?


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28 thoughts on “Bloggers Made Me Buy It

    1. They’re really good! I was unsure about getting brushes, but since both you and Pearl were highly recommending them, I knew they’d be good! Thanks again for the recommendation 😀


  1. Bloggers are called influensters for a reason lol 😀
    You’ve made some pretty good purchases, I’m guilty of the camera one as well 😀 The planner and the scratch map are super cool though!!


    1. Exactly! 😀 Haha, the camera one is definitely a big one when you see the quality of the photos. I had been holding out on a planner for a long time before finally caving 😀 The scratch map is really fun 🙂


  2. Those are all lovely buys! What are friends there for if not to point out the fun things to each other, eh? The camera is definitely a big buy and a long-term one, so way to go, and it also gels with the theme of the scratch map. Now to get ticking & clicking. xx


    1. Thanks Laura! I agree, which is why I thought it would be fun to write this post! I was looking around and realized that I had bought quite a few things on the recommendations of other bloggers 🙂 I hope you get a good camera soon! I’m so happy I got mine


  3. I also bought the real techniques sponge because of bloggers, haha! I have that with a lot more products, so this was really fun to read! I’m definitely checking out that planner and that 3 years journal. They look both very helpful and fun! xo


    1. Haha, glad I’m not the only one! There’s definitely a lot of products that I am keen to try because of other bloggers, it’s nice that they come recommended 😀
      Definitely try the planner and journal! I use them both on a daily basis and they’re so fun 🙂


  4. hahahaha Angela you are a smart cookie 😉 This has got to be the most creative way I have ever seen to buy stuff, or have something to blame it on. I’m going to try this with shoes. “But hubby, everybody I see has on shoes so I can’t help but buy more” hahaha. I love it!

    Did I miss it or did you say if the Real Techniques Sponge works well? My sister is always looking for something to do blending with. She has a drawer full or sponges but none that look like this one.


    1. ? Thanks Margaret! I am very influenced by bloggers in our community, but at least I know what I’m buying is good! I’m quite fond of the real techniques sponge. It’s got a different shape than other ones so it’s really helpful ?


    1. Thank you again for the recommendation ? Haha, I’m glad you’re wanting to use the tripod more! It’s definitely helped me take a lot more outfit pictures and pictures of myself in general since I like to try do those on my own ? It’s still a lot of trial and error for me, there’s so many photos that don’t get used!


  5. A scratch map is a great idea! Me and my brother bought my dad one a couple of years ago because he used to do a lot of travelling (before he got married and had us!).

    I’m getting tempted to buy some dungarees if I find some 😉


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