30 Day Photography Challenge – Days 26-30

We’ve reached the end of this photography challenge. Here’s the final five photos.

Day 26 – Close Up

close up

I have a lot of close up photos of food and objects. I’ve shared a few in this challenge already, so I wanted to try something else. I saw something on Pinterest where ‘photo-ception’ was happening. This is what came out of my experimentation. A close up of my face on my phone camera, and the rest of me holding said phone.

Day 27 – Celebration


The most recent celebration for me was my sister’s wedding, so obviously for this prompt, I was going to choose a photo from that event. I decided on the shot of the rings, cause then it’s clear what the celebration is about.

Day 28 – Flowers


Again from waiheke, but I can’t help it. The gardens were amazing, and I had to show off more of the lavender field. I took so many photos of the flowers, this was one of my favourites.

Day 29 – Black & White

black and white

If you’ve seen my latest baking post, then you may recognize these cookies. While messing around with photos for the post, I played with filters. I ended up not using this black and white one, but I really like it’s spooky effect. So at least I can show it in this challenge!

Day 30 – Self Portrait

self portrait

Another self portrait to round off this challenge. I couldn’t think of anything creative or different to do, so I took a regular camera selfie with my tripod. I took it in the sunroom, cause I like the background with the white brick. You may recognize it from my current profile picture.

So yeah, that’s all the photos from this challenge! I want to do an official wrap up post for this whole challenge in a few days. So you guys can see all the photos in one post! That being said, I have really enjoyed doing this, and I plan to do another one at a later time. If you guys have interest in photography, definitely give this challenge a go! You don’t need to post it, but just use the prompts for inspiration 🙂


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October Favourites

November is nearly upon us, which means two months left in 2017!! Bring on Christmas!

I’m sticking to my new set up, and talking about five of my favourite things from the month of October!

Waiheke Island

I’ve never visited here in all my previous visits to Auckland and I have no idea why. It’s so beautiful!! Also, the added bonus is that I went to Mudbrick which is a vineyard overlooking the whole island, to celebrate my sister’s wedding. Altogether, this place is definitely a favourite from the past month.


The Millenium Series

I got a decent bit of reading done this month. Mostly due to the one week off I had this month due to my holiday. But I finished the whole Millenium series, and I really enjoyed it! My favourite is by far The Girl With the Dragon tattoo. The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest were good too, but they paled a bit as the series went on. Just my personal opinion.

Image result

Night Time Cozy Subscription Box

I had a whole post devoted to this, but if you guys didn’t know, Emma hosted a giveaway for this, and I was lucky enough to win!! The box arrived last week, and I’m still delving into all the goodies, and they all mean so much more to me since they were gifted by a fellow blogger. It’s definitely given me a major mood boost after those minor blogging hiccups of last week.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

I finally decided to try this foundation since curiousity got the better of me. While I still love my BB cream, I have been so impressed with this foundation! Yes it’s powder, but it provides such nice coverage (which I didn’t expect!). It feels nice on my skin, and it’s so much fun to play with. Also the packaging is quite minimalistic and chic.

Blog Planner

Again, I have another post devoted to this, but I love my new planner! I’ve always wanted a big planner like this, but for my personal life, I wouldn’t use it. I have my calendar for that. For blog purposes however, this is perfect. I can plan out my posts by month and week, and I have lots of extra pages to play and doodle on. It’s perfect.


So yeah, that’s my favourites for this month! A lot of them aren’t specific things, but more a group of things, or a place, but I had to include them!

What’s your favourites from the month of October?


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