30 Day Photography Challenge – Days 26-30

We’ve reached the end of this photography challenge. Here’s the final five photos.

Day 26 – Close Up

close up

I have a lot of close up photos of food and objects. I’ve shared a few in this challenge already, so I wanted to try something else. I saw something on Pinterest where ‘photo-ception’ was happening. This is what came out of my experimentation. A close up of my face on my phone camera, and the rest of me holding said phone.

Day 27 – Celebration


The most recent celebration for me was my sister’s wedding, so obviously for this prompt, I was going to choose a photo from that event. I decided on the shot of the rings, cause then it’s clear what the celebration is about.

Day 28 – Flowers


Again from waiheke, but I can’t help it. The gardens were amazing, and I had to show off more of the lavender field. I took so many photos of the flowers, this was one of my favourites.

Day 29 – Black & White

black and white

If you’ve seen my latest baking post, then you may recognize these cookies. While messing around with photos for the post, I played with filters. I ended up not using this black and white one, but I really like it’s spooky effect. So at least I can show it in this challenge!

Day 30 – Self Portrait

self portrait

Another self portrait to round off this challenge. I couldn’t think of anything creative or different to do, so I took a regular camera selfie with my tripod. I took it in the sunroom, cause I like the background with the white brick. You may recognize it from my current profile picture.

So yeah, that’s all the photos from this challenge! I want to do an official wrap up post for this whole challenge in a few days. So you guys can see all the photos in one post! That being said, I have really enjoyed doing this, and I plan to do another one at a later time. If you guys have interest in photography, definitely give this challenge a go! You don’t need to post it, but just use the prompts for inspiration 🙂


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