The Best Planner (1600 Followers!)

So I have two things to talk about in this post. The first is a bit overdue, but thank you for 1600 followers!! As always I get very excited when I reach a new milestone on my blog! Especially since this happened while I was having issues with my blog the past few days, it’s extra nice to know that so many of you guys are interested in my ramblings.

Onto the second thing, my new planner!!


Isn’t it adorable? I love the crazy rainbow pastel colours, as well as what it says. Something wonderful is going to happen! Always a good thought to have.

They have a monthly planner section spread over two pages, so it’s like a calendar. I use this to write down what posts I publish. Then I use the notes section on the side to colour code each ‘category’ I cover. By the way, I have a lot of categories, which I have been meaning to tidy up forever. I also include monthly stats, and any thoughts I have.


Then after all the months, they have a week by week section. Each page covers a week. I use it to again note each post I do, but with a little summary of each one.


Lately, I’ve also begun to note down daily stats again. It’s just fun to see how they change from day to day.


Finally, at the back they have a whole bunch of extra stuff. First is this Rate Your Year grid. They let you colour code each square, and then you fill it in as the year goes by. I can’t wait to see the colour extravaganza it will be at the end of next year.


There’s also a To-Do list, and a Not To-Do list, which I plan to fill with just random nonsense!


There’s also a bunch of grids which maybe I can use to try do some bullet journal things? Or more doodles. I’m open to suggestions.


Finally, it comes with stickers. They’re just regular planner stickers, but they’re still fun. But I might go hunt down for some extra stickers to fill up my planner with.


Yeah, that’s my new planner! I’m loving it so much already, and I can’t wait to fill it in with all my blogging related planning!

If you’re interested in the planner yourself, they’re made by Orange Circle Studio. You can find more of their planners on their site!


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Let’s Bake! (Halloween Spider Cookies Edition)

Hey! Halloween is a week away and I’m getting into the Halloween spirit by baking something ‘spooky’. It’s not that spooky, but I was flicking through Pinterest, and came across this pin.

It seemed perfect, and totally within my baking skills, so I gave it a shot. I used my faithful chocolate chip cookie recipe, and made a batch of those.

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies | Tastes Better From Scratch

Once they had cooled, I melted the remainder of our chocolate chips, threw it into a ziploc bag and piped to my best ability. I’m pretty happy with how they came out! I admired them and took lots of pictures! I remembered that Rory had some spider decor, so I grabbed them for props. Seemed appropriately spooky.

Fun fact, later on when I went to grab a cookie, I forgot how I’d decorated them and had a mini heart attack when I was about to eat one. I thought it was a real squished spider in the cookie until I remembered how I’d decorated the cookies.

Extra fun fact, can these really be counted as spiders since I gave them only six legs instead of eight?

They still taste like cookies in the end so I’m happy.

What spooky treats do you guys plan on making?


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OOTD Bloopers

I just thought it would be fun to share some of the pictures that don’t make the final cut. Since I use a tripod, I rely on self-timer, and sometimes I just don’t make it. Other times, the photos just don’t come out as I want them to 🙂

A Lazy Sunday OOTD

The first one is too blurry. In the second one I didn’t quite make the timed shot, and in the third one I’m in the middle of sitting down…or standing up. I’m not actually sure!

A Spring OOTD

I’m making a weird angry face in the first one, not sure why. I quite like the second one, except that my hair is in my face and it’s on an angle. In the last one, I just didn’t remember to set up a self timer so I took a photo of the fence.

A Rainy OOTD

I’m not sure what I was doing in the first picture. In the second one, I again forgot to set up the self-timer. Again, I’m not sure what was going on in the third picture.

For each OOTD post, I take around 15-20 photos. It’s not too many, but I only ever share around half. The whole process is always a lot of fun though, and I’m sure it amuses the neighbours when they see me dragging out my tripod and camera into the backyard!

As a bonus, here’s some additional  derpy photos from my time in Waiheke Island, where I shared my OOTD at my sister’s wedding. A lot more of weird faces, and bad timing 🙂

Keep an eye out for future OOTD posts! Always remember, that for every amazing photo you see out there, I’m sure there’s a derpy blooper of it somewhere.


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Ring of Fire Ukulele Cover

Yeah, so this is a big thing for me. I used to play music in front of people, back in high school, when I was the best flautist around (I was only really average). But since then, I haven’t performed anything music related to any people other than myself. I mentioned recently that I’ve been practising the ukulele. There’s a few songs that I can do pretty well now, but only one or two I feel comfortable enough to show people. Even now I’m nervous about putting myself out there, but I really do love playing this song.

It’s Ring of Fire, by Johnny Cash. I’m not really a country fan, but I like this song, and it’s one of the easier songs I’ve learnt. It only has three chords, and repeats itself quite a bit. Plus, he sings in a lower register, which lends itself better to my pitch, as I can’t sing very high (or well).

So I’ll just shush now, and let you guys watch the video. I feel proud of myself for filming and sharing this, and it’s motivating me to keep practising. It can only go up from here (I suppose).


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Highs and Lows

Well hi. Are you seeing this in the reader? I really hope so, cause this past weekend has been a minefield for me in terms of sorting out my blog. This was originally going to be a Weekend Review post, but things have been a rollercoaster for me. So instead, let’s just go over the highs and lows of the past weekend.

Let’s start on a positive note.

Friday and Saturday were pretty awesome. On Friday, Rory’s mum and sisters came down to spend most of the day with us. To see our new house, and to celebrate Rory’s birthday. We talked, hung out, had a picnic and went shopping. Plus the weather was super warm.


In the late afternoon, I set in motion my plan for Rory’s birthday surprise. A scavenger hunt! Along the way were lots of little presents. It was pretty cute if I do say so myself.


Saturday was a day of relaxing, lots of good food, and just some time with together with the birthday boy.

Sunday was a day of video games and watching movies.

Now strap in for the lows. Cause I need to rant a little.

Okay, so on Saturday just before dinner, I was doing blog things when I realized it kept giving me errors. So I went and checked my site….and it was down. Temporarily apparently, I just had to go over to my hosting peeps and see what’s up. Long story short, I thought we had come to a solution and that would be the end of that. Nope.

Sunday rolled around. The next issue came up. My posts weren’t showing in the reader. They were on my blog just fine though. But we all read and find new posts from the reader, so not having it show up was a major pain. While contacting support people about that, my site went down again due to the same issue as yesterday. However, it does now seem to be fully sorted.

You guys get the gist. I was stuck in a death loop. Finally, a few hours ago, a lovely tech dude from Siteground came through. He restored my site, I disconnected from, then reconnected. Wrote a test post, and it showed up!! Finally.

So yeah, that was my weekend. How was yours? 🙂

Oh, and if you guys wouldn’t mind checking out my last post, as it got lost during this whole endeavour. It’s about My Favourite Drugstore Brands 😀

Favourite drugstore brands


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My Favourite Drugstore Brands

I’ve been getting more into makeup and beauty products since I started blogging. My collection as definitely grown and I feel like I’ve learned a lot from a lot of you guys. So I’m taking a crack at another beauty post, and talking about my favourite drugstore brands.

I took stock of the makeup I have, and the brands I tend to drift towards when it comes to drugstore choices. To be specific, I own more makeup from these two brands than any others.

Maybelline and Rimmel.

The Maybelline products I have are:


  • Master Camo

I don’t use this one much, only if I have very red areas. Then I use the green colour corrector. I’ve tried the middle one, but I already have under eye concealer, so it doesn’t seem to do too much.

  • The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

I’ve been using this for a while now, and I love all the different nude shades! When it comes to eyeshadow I tend to stick with browns and nudes in general. This gives me a bigger range than I previously had. It’s also the first palette I’ve ever bought and I like the mix of matte and shimmery colours.

  • Master Brow Pro Palette

I’ve been wanting to do more with my eyebrows. I had a pencil before (also Maybelline), but I didn’t really like it. I heard this was pretty good, and I’ve been really happy with it so far! It darkens my brows and helps me shape them a little, but nothing extreme.

  • Master Strobing Liquid

Highlighter is another area I’ve been interested in. Since I use a liquid foundation (my BB cream), I figured I would try a liquid highlighter. I’ve mostly been mixing it with my foundation, which makes me look a little ‘brighter’. But to be honest, I’m not that impressed with it.

  • Master Precise Liquid Liner

This was my favourite liner for a while. It always came through for me. Now I use Blinc, which is super thin which I like. When this runs out though, I’ll for sure go back to this one.

The Rimmel products I have are:


  • Fix and Protect Primer

I wanted a primer, and Rimmel was having a sale. I’ve been really happy with it, but when it runs out, I’m keen to see what else is out there. It’s good to know I have a fallback though that won’t break the piggy bank.

  • 24 Hours Super Curler

I was interested in getting a mascara that has a curling formula. Out of curiousity more than anything. It’s a nice mascara, but it doesn’t seem to do any more curling than my other ones.

  • Wake Me Up Concealer (010 Ivory)

I have been on the hunt for a good under eye concealer. I have a lot of good regular concealers, but not for under my eye. This was on sale, so I thought I would try this. It makes my under eye a lot brighter than I want it to, so the hunt continues.

  • Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Transparent)

From my blogging journey, I started hearing about this pressed powder, that you’re mean to put on top of your foundation or base makeup. the girl at the store recommended it to me. I looked more into it, and it’s considered to be a good dupe, so I got it. I still use it on a daily basis.

  • Natural Bronzer (025 Sun Glow)

Again, something new to try. A bronzer! Rimmel was another one that does good dupes, so I went in the store, and grabbed this one. Now I will say that I think I got it in a shade darker than I could’ve. I only ever use it lightly. But as warmer weather comes, I will also start to tan naturally, so I’m sure it will work out.

All these products have worked well for me. Obviously not all the products I’ve ever tried from these brands have been perfect. In comparison to other brands though like Revlon or L’Oreal, they’ve always come through for me. I haven’t hated any, or had any weird breakouts or reaction to their products. If I want to try a new product, I often find these drugstore versions first, as a tester. If I like it, then I will try one of the more expensive brands.

What’s your favourite drugstore brand?


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30 Day Photography Challenge – Days 16-20

Here’s the next five photos in the photography challenge!

Day 16 – A Good Habit

good habit

This was taken a few days ago in Waiheke. I like to go for walks. Sure, it may be because it gives me a lot of photo opportunities, but it’s a form of exercise. It’s one I enjoy and often do. I would constitute this as a good habit.

Day 17 – Technology


When my brain struggles for photo ideas, I keep going to flat lays. What can I say, they’re fun and aesthetically pleasing to look at. I gave this one a shot, incorporating technology I use on a daily basis. That’s my phone, iPod, laptop, and I would count a pen as a tool of technology as well. Just the old school kind!

Day 18 – Your Shoes


This prompt is pretty straightforward. I gotta take a photo of my shoes. So I grabbed all of them and lay them out. I was considering wearing a pair, and then taking a photo that way, but I was happier with this one.

Day 19 – Something You Want

something you want

So this could be a photo of many things. Food, makeup, other material things. Instead, I went with another Waiheke photo. I want to travel, to be on holiday with loved ones, experience different things and see new places. I wish I could do it full time, but alas I cannot.

Day 20 – In My Bag

in my bag

Another straightforward prompt. Also a post I did a while ago. However maybe I should do an updated one, cause I carry different things around now. This is my Moana Road blue satchel bag. I use it for work. On any given work day, this is what you’ll probably find in my bag. Book, pens, keys, water bottle, phone, wallet, ipod and then a few care products. Lip balm, concealer (for touch ups) and a hairbrush.

30 Day Photography Challenge #designerssweetspot

That’s it for this round! The next five will be up on the 26th!

Which one was your favourite?


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Happy Birthday Rory!

It’s someone’s very special day today! Today is my husband’s birthday! Happy birthday Rory! Words can’t express how happy I am to have him in my life. I still feel so lucky that this wonderful, weird, sweet guy is my partner. We’ve been together for almost 6 years, and I don’t have a single regret.

In this time, we’ve grown and changed a lot. Rory has made me more happy, feel more confident, and more fulfilled than I would have thought possible. Together, we both finished and graduated from our respective studies, found steady full time jobs, moved in together, went on holiday together overseas, got married and bought a home. That’s a lot of milestones covered together, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of an amazing birthday! I love you!

Here’s a bunch of pictures!

Someone I Love


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A Wedding OOTD

For this OOTD post, I’m not taking photos in my backyard! Shocking I know. But I wanted to show what I was wearing to Jo and Tibor’s wedding. Also, I’m just having fun with these OOTD posts, plus I just like sharing pictures.

All these photos have been taken by the husband. Rory was also snap happy that weekend, and we took turns with my Nikon camera. It was exhausted by the end of the day, and ran out of battery, despite it being fully charged that morning.

There were so many beautiful spots at Mudbrick. We all enjoyed walking around finding spots for photos. The balconies, architecture, gardens and views all provided lots of gorgeous backdrops. My favourite was at the lavender garden, it smelt and looked amazing.

On we go.

Now to the details.

I got this blue dress from Mirrou. I wore it a lot back when I was in Fiji, and I’ve been wanting to wear it again. It is so comfy and floaty. I love the light blue colour and all the patterns. It seemed perfect for a spring wedding up on Waiheke Island. I paired the dress with my favourite pink quartz necklace and strappy nude wedges. I was also wearing some pearl bracelets and a charm bracelet that my mum lent me on the day.

That’s all for this OOTD.


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