Instagram in October

It’s time for my monthly Instagram wrap up! Here’s my top five Instagram pictures from the past month.

River Side Photo


This was posted on October 2. My first photo session with my new camera was at the nearby river to our house. I’ve never actually been there, but it’s a popular track for walkers, joggers and bikers. We stopped by so I could play with my camera. While there, I asked Rory to take some photos of me. He took the initiative to get this gorgeous snap, which is now also my cover photo on my blog.

River Side Photo #2


This was posted on October 4. Seems that you guys love all these river photos as much as me. Again, this was taken by the lovely Rory. He perfectly (or accidentally?) timed it with a breeze which I love. You can see my hair whooshing around a little. By the way, those rocks were not comfortable to sit on, but the photo makes it worth it.

Hyde Park


This was posted on October 9. I was going through old travel photos so I could share some more. I’m always doing that. I found this one from Hyde Park in Sydney. When we stayed there, our hotel was only a few blocks from the park, so we often went over to it. It’s a very nice spot, and I love the paved walkways with all the cute streetlights.

Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant

This was posted on October 18. Fresh from our mini holiday to Waiheke Island to celebrate my sister’s wedding, I immediately took to Insta to share my favourite photos. Mudbrick was gorgeous itself, but the views just added to the whole beauty. This was taken from the top of the lavender field they had, right next to the helicopter landing area. It was amazing.

Crazy Clouds


This was posted on October 28. One evening while hanging out at home, I turned around and saw this amazing sight. Sometimes clouds just make the most incredible patterns way up high.

That’s it for this month’s Instagram wrap-up! I shared a lot of travel pictures again, but why wouldn’t I? They’re so pretty! What’s your favourite Instagram posts to look at?


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