Little Update & 1700 Followers


faceless selfie

First off, thank you for 1700 followers! I’m still so pleased to see that my blog continues to grow and you guys are enjoying my rambles.

Second, today is officially my 8th month since I published my first post. All these milestones just keep piling on top of each other which is really exciting!


Third, I have a few updates I’ve been meaning to say, but I couldn’t figure out how to just squeeze it into unrelated posts. None of this is big, but I want to at least talk about it. I’ve somewhat put my Have You Met series on hold. Not for lack of bloggers that I want to talk about, but those posts in particular take an extra bit of planning, that I haven’t really had time for lately.

Fourth, I’ve been pulling back from blogging a little these past two months, spending more time in my real world than my online world. I’m still on here everyday, but I’m not posting up to three times a day, cause I realize now that was crazy 😀 Since going back to posting just once a day (I’ll still occasionally do two if I have something special to add like today), I’ve been able to get back that perfect balance between blogging and life. I can create the content I want, stay up to date with my reader, and have time to myself. It’s been really good.

So like I said, nothing major, just a few updates about the old blog. Thank you again for 1700!

If you’re new, say hi in the comments! If you’ve been here for a while, also say hi! I like talking with you guys 🙂


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Weekend Review #24


We literally have no plans for this weekend. I was hoping for some sunny weather again, but the weather predicted lots of clouds and wind. Anyway, we lazed around and eventually got up to make breakfast.

eggs on toast

I spent longer than usual getting ready. Messing around with makeup, hair, clothes and all that.


Eventually we did our errands for the day.


Surprise donuts!


Then we came back home and had lunch while watching Netflix.

sausage rolls

The rest of the day was lost to doing our own thing and general relaxing. We watched The Girl Who Played with Fire to end the day.


Another windy but still warm day. Also, another relaxed day.

I did more baking, because I’m unable to stop.

Then the rest of the day was lost to just doing nothing again. We ended up going for a walk near the end of the day.

Finally, we watched The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest to round off the weekend.

To-Do List

  • General Errands
  • Write posts for the week
  • Take pictures for blog posts
  • Bake something
  • Cleaning

How did your weekend go?


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