Black & White Photo Challenge

I’ve seen this challenge going around lately about posting a black and white photo every day for seven days. The rules are that you post a black and white photo of your life, with no people, and no explanation. You’re also to challenge someone new each day.

I have been nominated by Anni (Gluecksgeist) on Instagram, Lee (Golden Pink Journal) and Pat (Kindergarten Knowledge) on WordPress. I have really wanted to do this challenge, but following on from my 30 Days of Photography Challenge, I didn’t want to do this everyday for a week as it felt too similar. Instead, I’ll put them all in one post!

Here we go!








I tag anyone who wants to take part.

That’s all for this post!


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20 thoughts on “Black & White Photo Challenge

  1. I love black and white. There is something so tieless about it. I love the composition of the makeup palette photo. It is gorgeous! I also love how you created certain mystic with some of them. great job beauty! ❤


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