Bonus Round #9

A month after my previous bonus round, and more awards to catch up on! Let’s get into it.

You Deserve Flowers 

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Janah from Wander Summer nominated me, which means I get to hand out more flowers.

Siyana – You’re always supportive and sweet, and I love that we started blogging around the same time. You deserve daisies (cause they’re sweet, small and people always make friendship chains out of them).


Jamie – You are so lovely and funny, and always nominating me for awards. You deserve lavender (cause they seem like a cool flower, I think it’s the purple and spikiness)


Anni – You’re so amazing, and you’re killing the blogging game right now! I always look forward to reading your posts. You deserve pohutukawa flowers (they’re only native to NZ, but they’re bright red, and red is a good colour).

Mystery Blogger Award

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Sarah from Vintage Tea Rose nominated me!

3 Facts

  1. I like to sleep curled up in a tiny ball
  2. I have two tattoos currently
  3. I’ve recently realized that it is possible to have too many sweets

Sarah’s Questions:

  • What is your best achievement to date?

Buying a house! That’s a huge life milestone.


  • What is your most essential beauty item? (Can be makeup, skincare or hair styling products etc.)

I’m going to go with moisturizer. Cause my skin gets dry a lot, so I need it.

  • If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?

How far in the future are we going? 30’s? 40s? 50s? 60s? 70s? Further?? If it’s not too far in the future, then I’d ask if we ever go back to study our Masters in Education, or if we get to travel more.

  • What is your favourite season? Why?

I’ll go with spring. As much as I end up talking about how much I love it getting warmer or cooler, I’m all for the non extreme season. Spring isn’t freezing, but it’s not too hot either.

  • Do you have a favourite memory from the year so far? What is it?

Oh gosh, 2017 has been an incredible year so far. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know why. But the top three are Wedding, Fiji and buying a house. All amazing moments from this year.

  • Who do you currently have a girl-crush on?

I girl crush on many ladies. Fellow bloggers, celebrities, people on the street. If I like even an aspect of someone, then I crush on them for a while.


Versatile Blogger Award


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Artiful nominated me!

7 Facts

  1. I spend at least 10 minutes everyday filling in all my journals
  2. I have a Twitter but never use it
  3. I’m incapable of staying up till midnight
  4. I feel weird if I part my hair on the right side of my head instead of left
  5. I love playing with eyeliner
  6. Doing my makeup and hair is often the favourite part of my day
  7. I’ve travelled to five other countries, and I would love to get to more.

travel wall

Blogger Recognition Award


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Shana from Travelling Shana nominated me for this award!

Why did I start blogging?

To store all my memories and photos in one place, from there, the obsession just grew.

2 Pieces of Advice for Bloggers

  1. Be yourself. As you keep writing, you’ll just naturally find your writing style. Things will develop from there.
  2. Plan in advance. If you want to stick to a regular schedule, I really recommend getting some kind of planner so you can schedule things in advance.


Awesome Blogger Award

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Jamie from Don’t Give a Jam nominated me!

Jamie’s Questions:

  • Apples or oranges?

Depends on my mood. But right now, apples. Cause I’m craving those apple cinnamon muffins I made a few weeks back.

muffins 11

  • What’s your favorite TV show to binge watch?

The most recent one was Stranger Things.

  • Loose leaf tea or tea bags?


  • If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

I would get bored of whatever that book was. I need options.

  • Hot dog or hamburger?



  • What’s your favorite skincare product?

I’m going to say toners. I think that’s what they are. They’re what you apply for cleaning your face that makes them all fresh again. I have been trying lots of different ones from subscription boxes and it’s so much fun!

  • Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ice cream.


  • Do you think leggings are pants?

They can be.

  • TV shows or movies?

TV Shows

  • What’s one of your favorite posts you’ve written recently?

The empties post I did yesterday. I’ve been wanting to do one for ages, and I’m glad I finally got to!

That’s it for this bonus round! Thank you once again for all the nominations ladies!


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