Three Year Journal Update

If you’ve been following me for a fairly long time, you may remember that I have a three year journal I’ve been writing in. I mentioned it recently in Bloggers Made Me Buy It as well. I haven’t done an update on it in a pretty long time, so I thought it was time to do so.

I’ve been writing in my journal daily for around 5 months now. The prompts repeat each month, so I thought it would be fun to see what my answers were each month for the past 5 months. So I’ll pick some prompts, and show my answers. Let’s see how much my thinking has changed the past 5 months.

Describe your day in 3 words

June – Babies. Laughter. Exhausted.

July – Cold. Wet. Tiring.

August – Relaxing. Chilling. Resting.

September – Long. Tiring. Sleepy.

October – Done. Excited. Holiday!


What makes you happy?

June – Many things. Food, books, walks, silly videos, family, blog, taking photos…

July – That we may have a house!

August – Colouring in my new pusheen colouring book

September – Shopping. Finding that one item that becomes your favourite

October – Being with family and celebrating love


What inspired you most today?

June – Reaching the end of the day

July – My amazing tattoo, even though it still hurts. Also, receiving the rest of our wedding photos.

August – Talking with blogging buddies!

September – End of the day. It came so slowly.

October – That it’s slowly getting warmer.

reading selfie

It’s quite funny seeing how my response vary from month to month. It’ll be cool to see my various collected thoughts over the next three years. It makes me curious about how my life will be in 2020.

Any of you guys have a multiple year journal?


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12 thoughts on “Three Year Journal Update

  1. I have a 5 year journal where you write a few lines everyday for a year and then the following year when you come back around you can see what you were doing exactly a year ago – it’s really interesting to see changes but I’ve also had some creepy moments where I’ve done the same thing as the year before!


    1. That’s pretty cool that you’ve already been doing it for while! I find it interesting to see how your thoughts are different even a year later! Or i guess sometimes it’s still the same thoughts ?


  2. This journal seems like such a great idea! It was so nice to see your answers for the different months and how they were each unique and about something entirely different than the previous month! I have recently started journaling again but it’s nothing serious or something I do daily—I just like to write in it whenever I feel like it or when I have something to say, or I glue in pictures or do collages and stuff! I love it because it helps me relax and it’s so therapeutic ❤


    1. Thanks Jackie! I love how you write in your journal and stick things in! That sounds like it’ll be such a fun collection to look back at down the line ? I have travel journals like that, but having one for just everyday life sounds really fun too! ?


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