A Relaxed Day in the Life

Our weekends lately have been very laidback. We haven’t had much to do. So last Saturday, I made the decision to film snippets of what we got up to during the day.

Here’s what came out of it.

I had a lot of fun editing this, and I’m really happy with this little video I ended up with! It’s short, cute, and something I haven’t done before video wise.

What did you guys get up to last Saturday?


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35 thoughts on “A Relaxed Day in the Life

    1. Thanks Jamie! It was really fun to make 🙂
      Haha! I always read your post on Saturday, but technically it’s Friday for you 😛
      It’s always good to end on popcorn and a movie 😀


    1. Thank you so much Margaret! I had so much fun putting the video altogether.
      Haha, whenever we go grocery shopping on a Saturday morning it’s always very crowded and I have to maneuver the trolley around very carefully 😀


      1. hahaha You are most welcome. You can tell when someone has fun working something like that up, and I could tell, Angela.
        Are we going to use the old, “it’s very crowded at the market” excuse. Tell me the truth, was anyone ran over by a trolley in the making of this video? 😉 hahahahaha ❤


  1. This video was so enjoyable to watch! You did a great job with the filming, the angles, and the editing! It was really such a fun vlog. How neat to see your day in a compressed video form like this! Great idea and well done!!


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