Leisurely Walks to the Park (and 1800 followers!)

I haven’t done a leisurely walk post in ages! It’s basically where I go for a walk somewhere and stop to take lots of pictures.

Before I get into that, it seems that we’ve reached another little milestone! As you guys may know, I like to acknowledge these. So again, another huge thank you for helping my blog continue grow!!

Alright, back to the walk.

One spring evening, we didn’t feel like staying at home, so we walked to the nearby park. It has huge playgrounds, and a mini carnival was on.

It was a really nice walk around the park. We saw lots of trees with beautiful flowers, and even made a stop to the big pond where all the ducks were. We managed to catch the sunset, so all the photos were taken in that whole ‘magic hour’.

Anyway, here are the pictures I took.

Flowers blooming
Paths to walk
Sneaky sunset
Playground in magic hour
Birds flying around
Ripples in the pond
The ducks approach
Clouds in the sky


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31 thoughts on “Leisurely Walks to the Park (and 1800 followers!)

  1. First congrats on 1800 followers that is awesome! second oh my lanta those pictures are stunning! I love sunsets that have a bit of character in them and this definitely did with all of the clouds. So beautiful! ❤


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