Five Wardrobe Essentials

The title says it all really. I was scrolling through Pinterest looking at wardrobe and outfit photos as one does, when this topic popped up. It got me thinking about what I would consider my own wardrobe essentials. I go through favourites, and obviously, the seasons would affect my wardrobe too, but as I was looking through my closet, I realized that there is five pieces that I always come back to.


I went back and forth on mentioning a sweater or a cardigan for my essential list, but the sweater won out. They’re so comfy and soft. They work well in the colder seasons as something to be layered, and in the warmer seasons, they work well as a light layer. It’s a win-win.  They also come in so many styles and colours, and that part is all down to preference. I’m loving my dark blue one at the moment.


There’s so many different styles of jeans it’s crazy. Skinny jeans, ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, flared jeans etc. Then there’s all the colours. There’s also all the other denim options like shorts, skirts, overalls, jackets. I’m sure in every wardrobe essential list, some sort of jeans or denim will be on the list. Mine is no exception. Jeans are just classic.

Patterned Singlet

This is where my essentials list may differ from most others. They would say that you should have a classic white tee, but I just love my patterns. I also prefer singlets to shirts.  Mostly cause a lot of women’s shirts have super weird sleeves, and singlets just get rid of that problem. I do think having a white top of some kind is an essential though.

Ankle Boots

I’ve had many different ankle boots, but these are my only current ones. I always have to have a pair of them in my closet though. They go so well with most oufits, both casual and a little more dressy. I tend to spend more money into my boots, as I’ve bought cheap ones before and they hurt my feet. Darker coloured boots are more appealing to me, normally black or grey. I also like them to have a little height, I’m not too good with heels though, so a wedge is perfect. Obviously, this is an essential.

Ballet Flats

The easiest shoes to throw on when you need to head out on errands, or you just want some simple shoes. Like previously, they’re pretty versatile shoes, and go with any spring/summer outfit. I often get cheap ones, as I just wear these seasonally. Definitely essential though.

5 wardrobe essentials

What’s some of your wardrobe essentials?


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19 thoughts on “Five Wardrobe Essentials

  1. Yep jeans definatly an essential. Yep ankle boots as can wear with jeans or dresses / skirts. Some form of jewellery.

    By the way how do you get that bit of the bottom that links to your pintrest?


    1. Jeans and ankle boots are definite essentials! They go with everything.
      I write my links at the bottom of each post. I write Pinterest, then I link that word to my Pinterest page ?


  2. Love your essentials! You can never go wrong with a great sweater. I am always cold so I always have a sweater (or a jacket) with me! I have a love hate relationship with ankle boots because they do nothing for my body type. But I envy everyone who does rock them! Ballet flats are life! Especially in the Fall/Spring. They are so comfy! And of course you can NEVER go wrong with jeans! ❤


    1. Thank you! A sweater is so versatile and definitely an essential! Same with jeans! I’ve always loved ankle boots. Full length boots however have always been a miss for me. I suppose you gotta figure out which boots fit you the best ?


      1. You are most welcome sweets! It really is! Bwahaha we are the reverse which is funny because you would think it would be the opposite!:)) you definitely do! I hope you have a great day!?


  3. Yess I have totally been loving ankle boots at the moment after putting off buying a pair for some time! And I cannot imagine not having jeans in my wardrobe because in those ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments, they always come to the rescue :’)


  4. Oh yes I can’t life without having a pair of good jeans, a sweater and some cute ankleboots in my closet! Literally, those are essentials around this time of the year. You could wear those together or mix and match with other clothes! 🙂 xo


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