Weekend Review #26


Today was a pretty full-on day. After a short breakfast, we headed off for an hour and a half drive out of town to catch up with lots of Rory’s family. Once a year, most of the family meet up to have a big get-together which is always nice. The drive up was fairly cloudy, but it got more sunny as we got further up.



We spent quite a bit of time in the nearby park with the niece and nephew. They were also flower girl and ring bearer respectively in our wedding.

We also caught up with all the adult members of the family too. Of course, we had a big barbecue and lots of delicious food. The whole day was lovely and we arrive back home at 6pm completely exhausted. We had a light dinner, and just watched some tv for the rest of the night.


Both of us were feeling a little under the weather today. Rory more than me. Since we  had a full on day yesterday, we didn’t do much today. I did do some Christmas shopping though as I had a good idea what to get for most of my family.

After lunch, it was getting sunny again, so I lay down outside for a while. Then I just did blog things, a little reading, watched some videos and relaxed for most of the afternoon.

I now like to end my weekends on a bath and a face mask. It’s a really nice way to prepare myself for the coming week! Today’s mask was from Blue Lagoon again. I tried the Lava Scrub. It definitely exfoliated my skin. I really am impressed with their masks. The bath bomb was another new one from The Body Shop. It was a mango one and I was a little underwhelmed. Altogether though, I like ending my weekend with my little pampering tradition of a mask and a bath.

To-Do List

I didn’t actually make one this weekend. I could have done one now, but there wouldn’t actually be anything on it. Ah well.

How was your weekend? Are any of you guys getting sick of November? I want December already!! For both birthday and holiday reasons 😀


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