A Playsuit OOTD

I finally gave in and bought something from ASOS. This adorable blue playsuit from Brave Soul. It’s got two embroidered birds opposite each other, along with a button down blouse. It’s the most comfy, lightest and cutest thing. I love it so much!


As always, here comes the photos.

I thought I would also include a little tidbit about how I shoot my OOTD posts as well. My tripod is the real star here.  I couldn’t do these posts without it. I always shoot a few close up, some a bit further back, and some with a full body shot. This way I get to mix it up. That’s it really! Here’s some photos 😀

Like I said, it must be entertaining for the neighbours. What have you guys bought online lately?


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30 thoughts on “A Playsuit OOTD

      1. I have a delicate floral on my wrist! We’ll be sisters 🙂 And you know what, I’ve loved the idea of a bird for the longest. I’m just so picky about where my tattoos get placed that it’s been difficult to make a decision. I just had an annoying conversation with my mom yesterday about me getting another one. The more tattoos you get, Angela, the more I think it suits you. The edge looks good on you, and I think is unexpected because you have such a sweet face. 🙂 Contrast is always fun.


      2. Yay! I can’t wait to get it. It’s a little birthday present to myself ? I normally get inspired for a placement by a picture ive seen. It can be a tough decision though. Haha, my mum has said I shouldn’t get another one, I haven’t told her yet about the floral one.
        You know, that’s one of the nicest things someone has said about my appearance ?


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