Leisurely Walks to the River

I never did share the rest of the pictures I took back when we first took my camera out for a spin back in October. Well what a perfect excuse for leisurely walk post!

I was excited to explore more with my new camera. I love taking photos of nature, as it’s always just so pretty to look at. We walked to the nearby river and just took a bunch of photos. I’ve shared quite a few of my favourites with you guys already, but I wanted to share a few more.

Here come the pictures! There is a lot.

You may recognize the last one as it’s now the header image of my blog. I’m glad that this was my first photo excursion with my new camera. It was such a fun evening, and since then we’ve gone on more walks and I’ve taken even more pictures!

Have you gone on a walk recently? Where’d you go?


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