Coming Up This Week #3

Another sneek peak into this upcoming week’s posts. Even more exciting is that we’re finally heading into December!!


Weekend Review

christmas cards

As always, the start of the week starts with a recap of my weekend. This weekend, I took a lot of photos, wrote some Christmas cards, did more shopping, and caught up with a friend.


Bath Bombs Galore


If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I have been falling in love with bath products. Mostly bath bombs. I’ve tried quite a couple now, so I put them all together in one post. I share lots of pictures and my thoughts on each one!


If We Were Having Coffee


It’s getting to the end of the month so all the catch up posts will be showing up! Drop by for a drink and let’s chat about what’s been going on lately.


November Favourites


Sharing my favourites for the past month! This month includes books, pamper nights, flowers, clothes and more!


Instagram in November

2016-09-06 11.22.30

December has officially arrived! With the start of a new month, I like to continue my trend of catch up and favourite posts. Starting with my top Instagram posts from the past month. This month has a bit of a summer theme going on which is quite fitting.


Looking Back on November


Ending the November round up of posts by taking a look back at what I did this month. Nothing really exciting, but it’s fun to look back and see what happened.


Empties Post #2

empties 02

Sharing another batch of products that I’ve used up and my thoughts on them!

That’s it for this coming week! I’m thrilled that December is finally making it’s way over! Bring it on!

What are you looking forward to this week?


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11 thoughts on “Coming Up This Week #3

  1. I love the sneak peak’s into the upcoming week. I’m looking forward to a bible study potluck, catching up with a friend and time to catch up on reading.


  2. I love bath products!!! Anything that will relax me for the week ahead is definitely one of my favorites!!! Making my bath products has turned out to be so much fun!!


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