Bath Bombs Galore

You guys may know that I have really been enjoying bath bombs lately. If you didn’t well you will now. I haven’t been able to try any since moving into our new place, as before then I hadn’t lived in a place with a bath. At least, not since before bath bombs started showing on the scene. I’ve since tried quite a few, and I always take pictures of them. So I thought I would compile all the ones I’ve tried into one post and share my thoughts on them!

The first four I’ve tried are all from Lush. Which is probably where most of us go in search of cool bath bombs.


In my search for my first ever bath bomb, I was immediately drawn to this one. It looks incredible! There’s so many swirling colours, and it gets even better when you drop it in the bath. I didn’t realize it had popping candy, so it even made noise in addition to the minty smell and crazy colours. As the water settled in the bath, I began to really notice the glitter in the water. It really did look like space. As nice as it was though, I feel like it’s a one-time thing.

Dragon’s Egg

I bought this one as it was apparently Harry Potter inspired. I thought it was Game of Thrones inspired, but either way, I like dragons. There was such a nice citrus-y scent as it fizzed and did it’s colour dance. As it settled, it became a nice golden colour. Similar to the previous one there was popping candy and glitter. It was very relaxing and I would love to try it again!


This has been my most favourite out of all the ones I tried! It was so relaxing. It was a very woody and earthy. Avocado, olive oil, lemongrass and rosewood were some of the main ingredients. It was a literal dream and I already plan to get it again. The colour wasn’t as spectacular as others, but it’s definitely my go-to for a relaxing bath.


I wanted to try this as two of the main ingredients were apple and cinnamon. How could I say no to that? It began crackling right away, swirling yellows and greens and smelling like cinnamon. It was so nice. To add to the whimsy, soon I saw little bits of degradable paper appear. I picked one up, and it said Bang on it. Fizzbanger! I really liked this one.

The next three I tried were from The Body Shop. I didn’t know that they did bath bombs, but apparently they do!

body shop haul

Coconut Bath Bubble

This was a little blue heart which was so sweet. It already smelt like coconut so I had high hopes. I did have to help it along in the water and break it up by hand though. I enjoyed that part though, as it melted through my hands and fizzed. It made lots of bubbles and turned the water into a nice sky blue. The bubbles felt really nice and foamy!

Mango Bath Bomb

I love mango a lot. This smelt nice, and it’s also a bath bomb so I expected lots. It fizzed immediately, but the colour and scent wasn’t as strong as a Lush bath bomb. I did enjoy the bath, but it wasn’t particularly memorable which is a shame.

Pink Grapefruit Bubble Bath

I totally forgot to take a photo of the little bath bar itself which I was annoyed about. Basically, it’s a little pink heart, kind of like the coconut one. Anyway, I had to break it up again, but like I said, it feels nice on my hands when I do it. The bubbles came up which made the bath a little more fun. I would still like to get my hands on a Lush one so I can see how much more bubbles that one would produce. Also the bath water looked more purple than pink. I got a faint citrus-y scent, and had a nice, relaxing bath.

So that’s all the bath bombs I’ve tried so far. Lush is by far still the superior place to get them. I have so much more bath bombs I want to try. I also have my eye on a few bubble bars too. I’m sure a similar post like this will show up in the future again!

What do you like to add to your baths? Bubbles? Bombs? Just plain old hot water?


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44 thoughts on “Bath Bombs Galore

  1. Intergalactic is one of my favorites! I love it. I will have to try the Dragon’s Egg one now. I love anything Harry Potter-esque! It is funny how a lot of stores are now mimicking the Lush bombs, but I still think that Lush has the market. I have used a couple other brands and they just don’t compare. ❤


    1. Intergalactic is the most stunning for sure! The Dragons egg was so relaxing, and watching how it fizzled was really cool!
      Lush definitely has the best bath bombs! The other brands just can’t compete with them! ?


  2. I had Dragon ‘s Egg once and it was really amazing. I mean you can’t really go wrong with Lush, they have the best bath products, I just hate how expensive they are here. One bath bomb here is about 10$ which is just crazy. xx


    1. Dragon’s Egg is definitely one of my favourites! Lush has the best bath products for sure! Thats unfortunate that yours are so expensive! We have some for $10 but those are the really fancy ones like Intergalactic. The regular ones are all around $6 or $7. It’s definitely a treat thing, not for everyday use ?


  3. Love this post! I am yet to try a bath bomb, I have always wanted to try it but I have such sensitive skin and Lush has been surprisingly not bad. Thank you… I will be purchasing a couple myself ❤


    1. Thanks! I have only recently got into them. Lush is very natural and i hear its good if you have sensitive skin! Their bath bombs are the best on the market, so definitely give them a try! ?


      1. Definitely not a dumb question cause I asked the same thing! So some bath bombs had glitter in them. That does stay behind and you have to rinse out the tub. The colour has no effect on the tub, just the water. It will just drain away, leaving no residue ?


  4. Out of all of these I’ve tried the Dragon’s Egg and Fizzbanger. They were very nice. I would love to try Intergalactic, but I wish my tub would be bigger. I’ve been sticking to bar soaps lately from Lush LOL


      1. It just feels fun and like a real treat using a bath bomb. I find just water or bubbles not as exciting. I had one last year from them that wad good so I’m looking forward to the coconut one xx


  5. While I love to watch bath bombs swirling through the tub, I have to say that I prefer bubble baths. It’s just more fun with those mountains of foam 😀
    And yes, I’m also a little obsessed with Lush at the moment ;D
    I have to try Intergalactic…


    1. I’ve recently bought a bubble bar from Lush and I’m so excited to try it! I do love bath bombs which is why i kept getting them. But I need to try more bubble bars as well! There’s just too many options at Lush ?
      Intergalactic is stunning. It’s definitely worth to try at least once ?


  6. Ahh that Fizzbanger looks amazing!! I have so many bathbombs waitig to be used but I am so bad at using them lol I never take a bath and when I do I forget to add a bathbomb! ? xx


  7. I really want to try those Body Shop bath bombs. I looked for them last time I was in town but they only had the coconut ones and I wanted to try the Strawberry and Mango ones 😦


      1. I can order online but it’s expensive postage for only a couple of things ? I think they’d only sold out cause of a kind of Black Friday rush and they had 40% off throughout the store so think they’d all been bought up ? hopefully I’ll have more luck when I pop in to town next week!


    1. Thank you! Baths are so much fun, and having a bath bombs makes it so much more relaxing! The Avocado one has been the best one so far! I want to try lots more of the Lush ones! I’ll definitely give your post a read 🙂


  8. About 7 years ago bath bombs were a rarity. Now, they are no longer limited to the #LUSH store. I recently saw different kinds at Bed Bath and Beyond. They range from individual to packs. You can buy small, medium, or large. It believe the one I favored was at a boutique beauty/spa store. The apartment had the scent of ? throughout.


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