Looking Back on November

November was a fairly chill month to say the least.

I worked pretty much every weekday of the month. As much as I love being on the floor with the kids. I cherish my time in the office, where I get to take a breather, and also snacks.

It also means I get to enjoy more walks, sometimes on my own in my lunch hour. Other times, with lots of children in tow.


I booked the appointment for my next tattoo, a delicate floral tattoo made up of wildflowers and baby’s breath. In celebration, I also treated myself to a banoffee milkshake from Sweet Bakery and Cakery.

banoffee milkshake

One of my videos this month was a short little vlog I put together about a relaxed Saturday. It’s still one of my favourite videos I’ve ever made!

I did a little baking this month. Pumpkin White Chocolate Snickerdoodles, and Apple Cinnamon muffins.

My favourite part of summer began blooming everywhere. Pohutukawa!

I finished my Reading Challenge last month, but I still manage to read a few more books. One of these was Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon finally. I also read a few comics. Two by Sarah Andersen. A series I started on is Tokyo Ghoul, which is a manga.

I bought a lot of things this month too. Both makeup and clothes.

Can’t forget food! Takeout snuck up a bit more this month.

Finally, I began preparing for Christmas. I bought lots of Christmas cards, and have now sent them out to many blogging friends around the world! Christmas shopping for my family is also completed. I’m slowly working towards getting my decorations out! Finally, the big Christmas tree in town is up, it’s definitely the Christmas season!!

How was your November? You getting pumped for Christmas??


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