Weekend Review #28


Driving around this morning, I noticed lots of Christmas decorations around town. Isn’t it cute? 🙂

christmas banner

We got to return to Comes & Goes in Petone today! I haven’t been there since May, but this is a very popular restaurant that serves amazing food! The presentation is always too good to eat, but we do eat it anyways. This time I had the coconut chia pudding. It looked so beautiful as always!

coconut chia pudding

Afterwards, I wanted to get lots of Christmas things to get into the mood. We went by quite a few stores and I collected lots of christmas decorations! I also found this cute little gingerbread house kit which I’ve always wanted to do! I got two as Rory was keen to join.

christmas decor

Literally the whole afternoon was lost to decorating the tree and living room. It took waay longer than I thought it would but I was having so much fun!

christmas tree

In the evening, I wrote a few blog posts for the coming week, as I do. I ended the day on more reading, and watching a few shoes.


A bit of a late start to the day. We didn’t have much planned other than grabbing some groceries. I always get the Nescafe instant coffees and saw they had a new edition out! Toffee Nut! I’m so excited to try it!

toffee nut coffee

In the afternoon though, we decided to try out the gingerbread house kits. I even filmed it, so hopefully I can do a little Christmas themed video soon! Here’s a peek at my finished house! It’s a bit wonky, but as am I! I’ll show both of ours in a later post, but we had so much fun making them! It literally took over 2 hours, and we didn’t realize till after 😀

angela's gingerbread house

The rest of the afternoon was lost to watching more shows. I ended my weekend on yet another bath bomb! I went to Lush earlier in the week and bought two new ones. Today, I tried the Sunnyside Bubble Bar!

The water was so glittery and smelt citrusy again which is one of my favourite smells. On top of that though, was so much bubbles!

I had so much fun, and it was once again the perfect way to end the weekend!

To-Do List

  • Buy christmas decorations and gingerbread house kit
  • Regular weekend errands
  • Send off Christmas Cards
  • Fill in journals
  • Have another bath night, and try a new bath bomb!
  • Clean house

How was your weekend?


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