A Summer OOTD

I’m sure we all have many go-to outfits that we always come back to for each season. In summer, I always go back to a singlet and shorts. I do love skirts and dresses, but the wind can be unpredictable and I’d rather not be worried about accidentally flashing people.

My picks for this OOTD, are my favourite blue shorts, my black and white singlet (with a cute peekaboo section on the back), and these yellow sandals I found recently in a thrift store. These sandals just yell summer at me. The colour is so bright, and the shoes are so comfy, they’ll definitely become a stable.

Anyway, here comes the photos.

I’m fond of any outfit where I get to show off both my tattoos. I’ve been loving this whole ensemble lately, and I wear it a lot.

The top and shoes combined cost me around $5 which is amazing. The shorts were full price though, but I’ve owned them for a year now and wear them a lot, so it’s worth it.

What’s one of your staple looks at the moment for the season?


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