Six Years Together

Rory and I have officially been together for six years!

So much has happened since we first started dating back in December 2011. I can still remember how nervous and slightly awkward we were back on our first date. Now, we’re married and bought a house! I wouldn’t say it’s been a rocky road, with us two, it’s been pretty much smooth sailing. We’re both pretty chill people, we’ve had few arguments as we tend to talk about potential issues as they come up.

We’re not the same people we were back in 2011, we’ve both changed since then. For the better I would say. We’re not teenagers any more, but young adults. Or adults really. We have a house, we’ve gone overseas together, we’re married, we both have full-time steady jobs. I’m very happy and lucky to have found a partner I can grow and build my life with.

Here’s to many more years together!

As always, here’s bunch of photos.


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