Coming Up This Week #5


Little Things That Make Me Happy

outside selfie 2

Sharing a bunch of things that make me happy! Pretty self-explanatory, and a very fun post to write (and hopefully read)!


Birthday Weekend Recap


Continuing the celebration of my birthday, I share how we celebrated my birthday over the weekend.


Birthday Haul

tarte box

The last birthday post is all about sharing what amazing presents my family got me, and also what I got myself. Cause a birthday is a great time to treat your self!


Bonus Round #10

Image result for real neat blog award liebster award the-versatile-blogger-award

My monthly catch up on award posts!


Hello Summer!


I always do at least one post about the seasons, and this one is no different! It’s time to talk about how much I’m enjoying this summer!


Gingerbread House Competition

gingerbread houses

Now my Blogmas posts are starting to come out! I don’t really officially acknowledge Christmas until after my birthday celebrations haha. To kick things off, Rory and I competed on who can make the better gingerbread house. I’ve turned it into a video, and you guys can decide whose house is superior 😀


Christmas Decor


Another Blogmas post! This time sharing with you all, our Christmas decorations that we have in the house. It’s not much, but it’s festive enough!

How’s your De


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Angela Through The Years

I decided to get a little nostalgic, and looked through lots of old photos. So this post will mostly be pictures. Of me. From me as a baby to me as a tiny adult now.

A Few Weeks Old

angela 00

At this point, I feel like I could be anyone. All newborns look the same to me. Squishy and red haha.


angela 01

Here’s a one year old me, I think on my birthday. I have cake and everything.


angela 02

I think this was around Christmas. My sister and I are at my grandparents place, sitting on the bench as you do. I have no idea why I’m soaking wet.


angela 03

This is again at Christmas. This time, both Jo and me have been caught mid gift opening.


angela 04

A nice family shot. I’m loving the hairstyle I got here. I also remember going on this train ride a few times!


angela 05

Another Christmas photo. This is also at my grandparents house. We used to spend lots of our Christmases there. My hair is also super short.


angela 06

Philippines! To the right is my Lola (which is Tagalog for Grandma). I have a few memories of her, but most of my memories of my time in the Philippines is hazy now.


angela 07

Another Philippines photo. Also the arrival of my little brother. He’s the only one born in the Philippines, as my sister and I were born in New Zealand.


angela 08

Back in New Zealand! Look at all those Christmas cards hanging above our fireplace. Maybe if I get lots of cards, I can do something like that in my current living room!


angela 09

Even at a young age, my sister was miles taller than me. I do love this photo of me and my siblings. Also, I love my hat. It had a fan.


angela 10

Double digits. I can’t tell you how excited I was about that. It’s a pretty big deal.


angela 11

I had short hair a lot when I was younger. I also feel like I was tanner.


angela 12

it’s from this point on that I think I can relate to Looking Back at my Fashion Choices. Those velvet pants had a matching hoodie, and they were incredibly comfy.


angela 13

I was wearing that hoodie a few pictures back too. It was my favourite until I outgrew it. This was also when I first fell in love with jigsaw puzzles.


angela 14

I didn’t start wearing my glasses permanently until I was in high school. I’m not sure what the story behind this photo is.


angela 15

I was very into shirts with sassy sayings on them, as any teenager is. Still am really. Also, I want ice cream now.


angela 16

I got really into hats for a bit. Especially that blue stripy one.


angela 17

It’s that hat again! Also, I got a part time job and was able to afford contacts which I was thrilled with.


angela 18

Just holding a sandrock I made, laughing maniacally, as 18 year olds do.


angela 19

This was the last time I tried to give myself bangs. Those are hard to get right.


angela 20

I finally got back into dresses after refusing to wear them since I was a kid.


angela 21

This was the earliest selfie I could find. Also, I finally started to play around with makeup.


angela 22

At this point, I feel like I look the same in each pictures. I am a tiny fully grown adult now.


angela 23

My hair was starting to get really long now.


angela 24

Sydney! I still remember this trip. Still look the same.



I have many photos of myself this year, but I really like this one.


angela 26

I took this yesterday, as I am now officially 26. Still look the same as I have the past few years though!

I enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Do any of you guys go through old photos on your birthdays? I’m sure I’ll get even more nostalgic with each birthday I have!


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