Birthday Weekend Recap!

Since it was my birthday I have a different weekend post this time! So let’s get into what I got up to this past weekend!

But before that, I want to quickly show you guys the huge bag of goodies I got from our family Christmas party at the centre I work at. Each year I’ve worked there, our lovely manager has given each staff member a huge bag of snacks as thanks. It takes Rory and I about a month to get through it all. We do give some to family, but most we keep for ourselves 😛

snacks galore

Anyway, Saturday was B-Day! I woke up and had pancakes for breakfast made by my wonderful husband. Then I spent the morning playing with makeup. I bought some new Tarte products, and I was loving playing with them!

angela 26

We headed out for a special High Tea at Alfred Coles just after lunchtime. This is the same place that we got married at! They remembered us and everything, it was really sweet. Rory had called and booked it. They do a high tea once a month, normally on the first Saturday, but he asked if it could be moved to the second Saturday on my birthday. They said yes! It was so cute, the food was amazing, and it was nice to hang out with my family! I took a lot of photos.

After high tea, we headed back to our place for presents and cake. Mum baked me a delicious lemon cake. I got lots of lovely presents from everyone! We were too full to eat the cake after all the treats though.

In the evening, we decided to go for a walk.

evening walk

Sunday was a bit of a shopping day, as we realized we had a few last minute gifts to get. I also just bought more things for my self, cause at this time of year, I just love to shop.


We didn’t really do too much that day. Mostly just lazing around the house, watching TV, playing games, and making our way through the mountain of snacks that keeps accumulating. Something we did watch is Real or Magic. A Netflix documentary/show with David Blaine. I’m fascinated with that stuff.

We did go for another walk in the evening.

evening walk 2

That brings us to Monday. Rory and I took both took an extra day off. We decided to head out again since Sunday was spent mostly relaxing. I’d seen a friend recently gone to Kaitoke Regional Park, which is where they filmed the scenes for Rivendell (the elf place from Lord of the Rings). It was only a 30 minute drive from us, so we headed out in the morning.

rivendell sign

They had lots of signs along the way, talking about the filming. Most of the props were since gone, but the big arch where they all said goodbye in the end was still there. There was also a fun sign where you could measure yourself against the characters’ heights. It’s there I learnt that I’m not much taller than a dwarf.

Also in the regional park there were lots of tracks to walk too. We spotted a swing bridge and immediately made a beeline for it. I enjoyed going across it, as it did swing and bounce a bit. That was helped along by Rory running along it!


The last thing we did there was climb this massive rock. I asked Rory to snap a picture of me on top of it. It was kind of awkward to climb up it, and even more awkward to get down. But the photo op was worth it!

on the rock

It was such a fun morning! Afterwards, we headed out for lunch. We wandered what to do next, and landed on seeing the latest Thor: Ragnarok in the movies. I really enjoyed it! It’s so funny, the music, aesthetic and action sequences were so good. It also felt quite ‘kiwi’, but that may be because the lovely Taika Waititi being the director. If you guys haven’t seen it yet, you really should!

After the movie, we headed back home. We made a quick pit stop by my favourite thrift store. I found another dress, and also a denim jacket which fits me nicely! I’ve been keeping an eye out for one so I’m really happy!

We ended the night by watching The Hunger Games on Netflix. All in all, I had a lovely birthday weekend spent with family and my amazing husband. I still have one more day off on Tuesday, where I will be getting my floral tattoo finally! Keep an eye out for that!

How was your weekend?


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