Hello Summer!

Summer is officially here in New Zealand, or at least in Wellington. We’ve had a week of sunny weather, even getting as high as 26 degrees! For us, that’s almost unthinkable. Last year, our summer lasted a few days then it just forgot us, so I think the weather is making up for it now.

In celebration of summer, I went for a walk down Oriental Parade, a popular spot in summer, as it has a very pretty beach in the centre of town.

Around the waterfront, we have lots of Pohutukawa trees lining the streets and many paths. It looks especially lovely when they’re all in bloom in summer.



more trees

There’s lots of paths heading in different directions. Everything just looks really good in the sunshine.


waitangi park

I really enjoyed walking around. As did lots of others. The close I got to the beach, the more crowded it became. We’re having a hotter summer earlier this year than we have in a while. Everyone was taking advantage after work.



Wellingtonians are all soaking up the sunshine! Also, to the right of the photo, you may be able to spot a crocodile bike. After all this, I was getting too tired in the sun, so I stopped by one of my favourite cafes.


Summer is well and truly arrived down here and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I hope you guys enjoyed going for a little walk with me down here in Wellington! 😀


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