Christmas Decorations

It’s about time I share all the Christmas decorations we’ve got up! It’s not that much, but I’m happy with how festive it brings up the room.

I bought a bunch of decorations a few weeks ago, as we had nothing. Literally not a thing. We haven’t really decorated for Christmas ever in the past 4 years living together. It’s always been a small flat, and we didn’t really see a tree fitting in at all. But now that we have a small house, we (I) decided it was time to get at least some!

So, I hit a bunch of department stores, and sort of landed on a theme. I didn’t want lots of colours, just mostly gold and silver. I thought it would go nice in our neutral cream coloured living room. Enough rambling, here we go.

Starting off with our tree.

It’s only 1.82m, so it’s a modest height. It fits nicely in the room, next to the front door we barely use. I put on lots of the gold and silver decorations, as well as some tinsel. Truth time. I was not completely happy with how I decorated it for a while. I literally took off all the decorations, then started again about 4-5 times. I’m not even sure why. Finally, I stopped and decided I’d change it later. But the more I came back to it, I liked it. A few days ago, I finally added some christmas lights, as it didn’t feel quite right without it.

christmas tree lights

Next is above the window. I’ve added lots of little silver presents, to add some festivity.

I was originally thinking tinsel, but it wouldn’t cooperate. So for fun, I stuck up lots of little gifts that were tree decorations. I ended up liking it, as it’s more of a subtle Christmas-y look.

I had to have a wreath as well.


This one wasn’t gold and silver, but I liked the greenery and mistletoes! It’s hanging above our doors separating the living room and kitchen.

Finally, some little DIY decorations and lights.

fairy lights jar

I also have these smaller copper lights from our wedding decorations which I pulled out of the closet. I also have these small jars, also from wedding decor. So I combined the two, and added more of the little silver presents. The end result was surprisingly cute, so it now lives in the kitchen.

That’s it for the Christmas decorations in our household. I was originally wanting to do Pinterest level stuff, but I don’t have the patience for that. Plus I kept changing my mind while mid decorating. I am happy with what we’ve come up with, and as the years go by, I’m sure more decorations will come up. It’ll be cool to see how it changes over the years to come.

What Christmas decorations do you guys have at the moment?


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