Christmas Food!

I’m a fan of food in general. Holiday food is even better, so I wanted to share with you guys, some of my favourite foods that we eat during the festive season!

It took me some hunting through my photos to find one of a typical Christmas meal. Growing up, we would alternate with having Christmas at home with just the immediate family, then with our extended family in the South Island. The picture below is one we had with just immediate family a few years back.

christmas lunch

The main part is always ham. We always have a big ham, which lasts for literally weeks. Then we have lots of side dishes, pasta, salads etc. But the ham always returns. One year, we did do turkey, but for the most part, we always have ham!

In terms of dessert, a kiwi classic is the pavlova. It’s made from a meringue base, with lots of whipped cream and fresh fruit on top. For example, kiwifruit, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, or any other summer fruits really. The picture below is one from a few years back as well. I really had to hunt through my photo collection to find these photos!


For other desserts, I’m gonna share a photo of our dessert table from a few years back again.

christmas dessert

In terms of drinks, we normally just have soda and sparkling apple and grape juice. My family isn’t too big on the alcoholic drinks. I’ve just never been fond of the taste personally. For the dessert, we have a few staples. The classic Christmas cake, and normally a trifle of some kind. Always so yummy! If you look to the left in the blue pot, I believe that’s a traditional Filipino dessert called Ginataan.

Mum (and previously Grandmum) are the ones who do the bulk of the cooking for our Christmas feast. Even though it’s summer, we still do the big meal. There’s often lots of leftovers which means snacks for days! My sister Jo and her husband Tibor often dive in to help during recent years, adding some European and Hungarian dishes to the mix of Kiwi and Filipino dishes we already have. It’s always awesome to see what feast appears each year. As for me, I do help occasionally, but I tend to follow orders before just drifting off and playing games with my brother. Then coming back when they need another hand ?

That’s what typical Christmas food to me looks like! What’s a typical Christmas meal for you guys?


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