A Summer Christmas

It still tickles me every time I get a comment from one of my lovely friends on the other side of the world stating “I can’t imagine a summer Christmas”. So, I thought a post like this would be fun. Sharing with you all what a typical summer christmas for me looks like.

I shared the food aspect in my post yesterday, so I thought I’d talk about some outdoor activities we might do during the Christmas holidays. We also sometimes watch a movie, or play games, but with the sun shining outside, you can bet that we’ll head out.

Go to the beach

Go for a day trip somewhere

Go to the park



Since it’s summer and the family is all-together, we do like to wander around outside in the sunshine. Basically, we do regular summer activities, but it’s at Christmas time. Easy enough to wrap your head around right? 😛

What’s one of your typical activities you do during the festive season?


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