December Favourites

Another month gone, and we’re at the end of another year! Here’s my favourites from this month!


best mug

This month I got a few new mugs, and I’m already loving them. My favourite has to be the ones that my co-worker got me for Secret Santa. I use it everyday for my morning coffee. It’s the “I Woke Up Like This” mug. It’s cute, sassy, and the perfect size! I love my other mugs too though, but that one is just a little more on top!

Tarte Treasure Box Collector’s Set

tarte box opened

I am still so in love with this product! I talked about it extensively in this post. It’s technically many products in one gorgeous chest, but I keep calling it a product. I use basically everything in this when I want to get a bit more dolled up. I love the range of eyeshadows, the highlighter, and the bronzers! As for the extra goodies, I always use the Sex Kitten eyeliner now, and I really love the mascara and lipstick too!

Nerdy Nummies

nerdy nummies

I haven’t even baked anything from this book and it’s already in the favourites. Look, I wanted to bake something straight away, but the sweets level in our house is insane. We’ve been getting snacks from all direction, that I’ve decided to hold off on baking until after all the sweets have left, otherwise it’s just an overload. I have decided to try the basic recipes first, before trying one of the more complex ones. Just to test out my skills!

Scented Candle

scented candle

I only have two candles, but I have been enjoying have them a lot. They make the room smell nice, and both the ones I have are edible smelling. I have a little left of the vanilla candle. I also was given a bonus gift by Rory, which was a creme brulee scented candle! It smells so good, and looks so pretty! It’s on most nights!

Snacks Galore

So this doesn’t really make sense, but literally, the snacks have not stopped coming this month! Mostly all from work. From our centre manager, we got a huge bag of goodies, and then from lovely families of our centre. The Christmas spirit is very generous at my work, and there’s never a shortage of sweets and snacks in our house throughout December!

That’s what I’ve been loving this month! Can you believe 2018 is just a few days away??


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