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Instead of looking at my top photos from December, I decided to find out what my top nine photos from 2017 were! I’ve always seen these around, and I’m happy that I get to do it! I haven’t started using Instagram since creating my blog, and it’s become another favourite social media.

Here’s my top nine from 2017.

best nine

A lot of scenery photos which makes me happy, as they’re some of my favourites to take and share!

Hanging Out in the Chinese Garden of Friendship

Uploaded on August 3. Received 99 likes.

This was taken during our Sydney holiday back in September 2016. We visited the garden on our first day, and spent so much time there. It was so beautiful, and this is one of hundreds of photos.  I really like this photo of me looking lost and bewildered, cause that’s how I felt. It was such a stunning place and I hope to be able to see it again one day!

Bondi Beach

Uploaded on November 7. Received 98 likes.

Another photo from our Sydney holiday. Bondi Beach is iconic in Sydney, it’s their most popular beach. We visited on a Tuesday morning so we had it to ourselves almost. The sand was white, the sky and water were a lovely blue, there was never ending photo opportunities. A must-see beach that’s for sure.

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Uploaded on July 19. Received 98 likes.

Also from Sydney, but I couldn’t help sharing lots of photos from this trip! Especially around Bondi, it’s such a beautiful place! On our long walk, we passed by lots of other beaches, hills, greenery and blue skies. I still love all of these photos!

Engagement Photo


Uploaded on November 24. Received 97 likes.

I’m glad one of these made it in my top nine! Our engagement and wedding photos were both taken by the same photographer, Kent Yu. We’re so happy with the pictures we received from both events, and for future milestone events, we’d be keen to work with him again. This picture is one of the top ones though. We went out at ‘magic hour’, and while coming back down from Breaker Bay, we came across this little natural ‘tunnel’, which was a photo opportunity we didn’t pass up!

Pollard Park

Uploaded on July 11. Received 97 likes.

A throwback to 2009 I think? Or 2007. Either way, it was a while back when this was taken. Pollard Park was a frequent haunt for us when we went down to the South Island to celebrate Christmas with my grandparents. I get very nostalgic thinking about this park. It was always so beautiful, with all the luscious trees, rivers and ponds, the big playground, and of course feeding the ducks.

Crazy Clouds


Uploaded on October 28. Received 95 likes.

This was just sheer luck and timing. One evening at home, I looked outside and saw these crazy clouds. I’m sure this formation has a name, but I have no idea what it could be. So I did the normal thing, and ran outside and took lots of photos. I’m glad everyone likes this photo as much as I do!

River Photo


Uploaded on October 4. Received 95 likes.

This was on the first excursion taken with my new camera. It wasn’t taken by me, but by Rory. I wanted a photo of me by the river, so after taking lots of my own photos, we’d swap and he’d be the photographer. He took lots of lovely photos, and this one was well-timed with a little breeze.

Machu Picchu

Uploaded on August 10. Received 94 likes.

If you’ve been following me for long, you may know that I went to Peru a few years back. It’s the biggest trip I ever went on, and I like to talk a lot about the fact that I got to do a trek up to Machu Picchu. It’s a huge accomplishment, and experiencing those ruins first hand is definitely bucket list worthy!

Makara Beach

Uploaded on September 2. Received 93 likes.

Another beach, but this time in my hometown! I had no idea about Makara Beach, but Rory did. He’d been to it quite a few times growing up, so back in 2015, we decided to go walk up the little trail next to the beach. It was around an hour walk up hill, and the sights were amazing! We really need to go back sometime.

That’s my top nine from Instagram this year! It’s interesting to see out of all the photos I posted this year, which ones are the most popular!


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