Looking Back on December

A quick look back through the last month of 2017 before starting to think about the new year looming closer.

The month started with a bang of festivity. I decorated for Christmas, and we even had some fun making some gingerbread houses!

I did enjoy a Lush Bubble Bath that was also festive themed. It’s the Sunnyside Bubble Bath, which is a beautiful gold colour in the shape of a drop. It turned the water into a bright gold colour filled with sparkles. Along with lots of bubbles, there was a strong refreshing citrus scent, and definitely made for a cheerful bath!

I received my Tarte Treasure Box which I ordered as an early birthday gift for myself!

With the beautiful weather, I went for a walk around town and to the beach after work one day to enjoy it fully.

We had our Christmas Family Party at work which is always such a good time! The kids did a great performance, it was nice to catch up with the families, and there was so much amazing food!

snacks galore

Then it was my birthday weekend! I got to spend lots of time with family and my husband, had a high tea, visited somewhere new, and just had an amazing time! You can read more about it here.

I also got another tattoo! This one was the smallest and most delicate, and took literally under 10 minutes. It came out so beautifully!

floral tattoo

I bought an early Christmas present for myself in the shape of a Colour Pop palette! It’s very sweet, and now I feel like I have enough palettes for a while haha!

We bought the Beanboozled game, and spend an afternoon with my brother playing the game. It really is a risk. Some of those flavours are truly disgusting, but I don’t regret deciding to play it. It made for an entertaining afternoon!

Back at work, things were pretty relaxed. With more kids going on holiday, our numbers were lower so we’re able to do more and more trips! Also, families were in a generous and thankful mood, so gifts and snacks were coming at us left and right which is so nice!

Finally, we celebrated Christmas! I got to spend time with my family as well as Rory’s family. There was an insane amount of food, as well as playing games, relaxing, and I’m still just enjoying the holidays as much as I can!

meowy christmas

How was your December?

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