January Favourites

The first month of 2018! Here are some of the things I’ve been loving this month!

jan favourites

Floral Dress

As some of you may know (as I keep bringing it up), it’s summer here! I’ve been wearing quite a few dresses. I shared a few of my favourite summer outfits a few week back. But the one I keep coming back to is this white and blue floral dress! It’s so sweet and feminine. The skirt is very floaty, and even has pockets! The back is a button up, and sits quite high above my waist, so I like to think it makes me seem taller!

Moon and Star Necklace


I bought this with my voucher from Kikki.K for my birthday. I didn’t know they had jewellery, but they had this sweet delicate necklace. They had a few designs to choose from, but this one called out to me! I’ve been wearing it practically on a daily basis, and I absolutely adore it!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (London)

nyx lippie

I mentioned this in my Favourite Makeup Products post a few weeks back, but I really do love it! The formula is so soft and easy to apply, and it dries matte. I adore the brown/mauve colour, and it goes well with a gold/nude eye (which is my go-to). It’s so good!



I’ve read four books so far this month! That’s the most I’ve ever done in a while. I had lots of spare time in the holidays, and also, I was just really into the books I’ve been reading. I’ve jumped around genres, but my favourite so far is definitely Lauren Graham’s book, “Talking As Fast As I Can”. It was so funny and heartwarming to read, especially since I’m a huge fan of Gilmore Girls.

Nerdy Nummies

nerdy nummies

This was in my favourites last month, and it’s back again! This time, I’ve already managed to make a few recipes from it, and I’m planning out the next ones I want to try. I’ve decided that I will have it as a long-term goal to make everything from this book!

jan favourites 02

That’s all my favourites from January! What have you been loving this month?

Also, just a reminder to feel free to leave me any questions which I’ll answer in my Q’n’A when I reach my next milestone! 🙂


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January Photos

I’m starting yet another series! You guys know how much I love taking photos of things, and they stack up. Not all make it onto the blog, but a lot do. So at the end of each month, I’ll be gathering my favourite photos from the month and dumping them here!

Get ready for a lot of photos!


We had a few day trips this month. Out to Percy Scenic Reserve for a picnic and to see the lighthouse at Cape Palliser.


I shared two new baking posts this month! Both from the Nerdy Nummies recipe book! I made Star Constellation Cookies and Smart Cookies!


This group of photos is for those random photos I’ve taken for the blog, or just in everyday life.


As you can see, I like to take a lot of selfies. Mostly to show how I’m experimenting with makeup. It’s always a fun part of my day! I’ve noticed that I now have a go-to selfie pose. Eyes down and head slightly tilted. Never would have noticed until I looked at all these photos in a row.

Most of these are taken with my DSLR, but a few are from my phone. I always enjoy taking photos more with my DSLR now. The photos always seem to have much more detail.

What did you take photos of this past month?

Also, just a reminder to feel free to leave me any questions which I’ll answer in my Q’n’A when I reach my next milestone! 🙂


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December & January Empties

I tend to let my empties basket fill up, then decide that I should probably do an empties post cause I can’t throw it out before then. What a strange mindset. Good old blogging has really changed my priorities.

Anyway, here are 10 empty products I’ve collected from the past two months.

dec jan empties

  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes

I actually went through two packs of these, but I didn’t think I needed to show both in the picture. As I’ve said previously, these are my favourite makeup wipes! They don’t sting my eyes at all, which is great as that was becoming a problem before I found these wipes. I’ve been considering getting the micellar cleansing water and see if that lasts longer, as I seem to go through these wipes quite fast.

Do I recommend? Yes!

Would I repurchase? Already have.

  • Bare Minerals Original Foundation SPF 15

I was so sad when I realized I was getting to the end of this foundation last week. You guys may know that I absolutely love this mineral foundation and I keep recommending it to anyone who walks by. Still, I’ve had it since October, so 3-4 months is a decent chunk of time to use it up since I wear it everyday.

Do I recommend? Yes!!

Would I repurchase? Got it a few days ago.

  • Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray

Another one that made me sad when I realized it was running low. It fully ran out a few weeks ago and I immediately made plans to get it again. I’d considered getting the full size instead of travel, but this one had been with me since July. I love using it to set my make-up, and it hasn’t let me down. I don’t plan to deviate from it anytime soon.

Do I recommend? Yes!

Would I repurchase? Already did.

  • Bare Minerals Bare Skin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer

This made me extra sad, as it ran out the same time as the foundation. Before this concealer, I was using an Elizabeth Arden one that I was just using out of habit. This Bare Minerals one covered up spots and uneven skin tones so well for me! The shade was perfect, and it seemed to work perfectly with the foundation. It did a pretty good job of concealing my dark undereyes as well, more than other ones I’ve tried. I’ve since bought other concealers to try, but I’m still really attached to this one.

Do I recommend? Yes!

Would I repurchase? Absolutely, but I should probably give my other concealers a fair go first.

  • Lee Stafford Original Heat Protection Shine Mist 

The previous cheap heat protection spray I had ran out, so I wanted to try another one. This one had alright reviews and so I grabbed the travel version to try it out. It definitely helped to keep my hair straight longer when I used it before my hair straightener. It has a fairly strong scent, but the job it did was good.

Do I recommend? If you’re looking for a drugstore heat spray, this is pretty good.

Would I repurchase? I bought the full-size version as it was on sale, but once that runs out, I may look for another spray.

  • Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo

I got this shampoo to help bring shine and softness to my hair, as that’s what it said it did. To be honest, my hair does seem soft, but also a little oily. See, I’ve discovered that my hair can run a little oily sometimes, so maybe this wasn’t the best shampoo for me. I only used a teeny amount, but now that I’ve finished it, I’m happy to try other shampoos.

Do I recommend? If dry hair is a problem for you, by all means give this a go.

Would I repurchase? No.

  • Lush Sunnyside Bubble Bath

I haven’t enjoyed a bath bomb since the beginning of December. I’d be sad about that, but it’s been too hot to enjoy a bath! I should really wait for it to get cooler again here before diving into them again. That being said, this was my first bubble bath, and I loved it! It bubbled up so much, and under the bubbles, the water was a beautiful gold, sparkly colour. The scent didn’t leave a lasting impression on me, but I played with the bubbles for ages.

Do I recommend?  Yes!

Would I repurchase? I would first want to try other bubble baths

  • Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender & Espresso Body Lotion

I got this from Marzia’s Night Time Cozy Box, and it was such an interesting smell. It did smell like lavender, but with coffee undertones. It confused me at first, but then grew on me. I used it everyday, it made my soft feel soft and smell so nice. I’m so sad it’s out cause I can’t find it anywhere else!

Do I recommend? Yes!

Would I repurchase? If I could find it somewhere, yes!

  • Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer

So I just realized that I may have had this in my previous empties, but guess what? It wasn’t completely empty yet, so I managed to squeeze a few more uses out of it. I like to really use everything up before throwing it out. My view on it is still unchanged though. It’s alright, but there’s better drugstore options out there.

Do I recommend? Nah.

Would I repurchase? Nah.

  • Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser

Another product from my latest subscription box. I loved this facial cleanser. It never felt harsh on my face, smelt and felt so refreshing, and left my face feeling so clean. Not oily or dry or tight. It was such a good cleanser!

Do I recommend? Yes!

Would I repurchase? Again, I can’t find it anywhere!!

dec jan empties 02

That’s all for this round of empties. Have you tried any of these?

Also, just a reminder to feel free to leave me any questions which I’ll answer in my Q’n’A when I reach my next milestone! 🙂


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Have You Met Cleia?

Hey guys, I wanna introduce you to another amazing blogger. You may know her already. But…

Haaaaaaaave you met Cleia?

Too Faced Peachy Matte Smokey

Cleia blogs over at Always Cleia. She is based in Canada, and a proud cat mom. She blogs primarily about lifestyle and beauty.


Here’s her own words about her blog:

Hi, I’m Cleia! Welcome to my beauty + lifestyle blog. I created Always, Cleia 2+ years ago to share my passion for makeup and subscription boxes with the world and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

I don’t remember who found who first. But we’ve been following each other for a while! Cleia is always so nice and lovely, and we have been bonding over Peru! Cleia and Mike (her partner) recently went for a holiday, and I went a few years ago (and still talk about!).

Here’s some of my favourite posts of hers:


As someone who’s started getting into beauty posts herself, this was a really fun post to read! I especially agree on adapting the strange habit of storing empty containers and products so I can write an empties post. Good old blogging!


A series Cleia has is on sharing her makeup drawer. She’s done quite a few now, but I’m always interested in seeing what brushes people use.

Hacienda San Jose

I enjoyed reading the whole series of Cleia’s Peru travels! I’m starting off sharing the first so  you guys can go read all of them from the beginning! Peru is such a beautiful place to visit.

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips

Cleia shares with us her goals for this year. She shares blogging, makeup, financial, health and personal goals. I’m always interested in reading about goals, as it gives me my own ideas for the blog and also, I like to cheer people on!

Night Glam Makeup

This is one of the latest makeup looks Cleia has shared with us. She’s doing a January Instagram Challenge, and shares with us this glam look. Needless to say, she nailed it!

So, have you guys gone over and checked out Cleia’s blog yet?

Also, just a reminder to feel free to leave me any questions which I’ll answer in my Q’n’A when I reach my next milestone! 🙂


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Starter Make Up Kit For Beginners

I am very much a beginner when it comes to makeup things, but I’d like to think I’ve gone up to beginner from knowing practically nothing. I’ve seen posts and pins from a whole range about what you should look for when creating a makeup kit. Especially for beginners. So since I’ve learnt a little (I stress, a little), I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring. More specifically, I made a video.

I like making these little videos. At first it was weird talking to the camera, and while it still is now, it’s getting less so each time I film. It’s kind of neat! Even if the video doesn’t get much views, I learn more about how I speak, my own mannerisms, filming, and editing. So I still consider it worth it! Anyway, enough rambling. Here’s the video.

So as a recap as to what I say in the video a few times. It’s really up to you about what you want in a kit. What I suggest is similar to other posts you’ll find out there. It’s all about experimenting and trying different brands and formulas and finding out what works best for you!

What do you suggest should be in a makeup starter kit?

Also, if you haven’t seen my earlier post about reaching 2500 followers, I’m celebrating with a Q’n’A which I’ll answer when I reach 2600. Feel free to leave any questions!


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2500 Followers! Time for a Q’n’A (again)

Heeeey! So guess what guys! We’ve reached another milestone, but as this one is a pretty cool round number of 2500, I wanted to write a specific post just about it. Rather than squeezing it in one of my pre-planned posts. That does mean, I will have another post coming out later today, so keep an eye out!

First of all, THANK YOU!! I had to capitalise and bold that, as I can’t say it enough. So I’ll scream it. Seriously though, I’ve never been prouder of my blog than I have recently. I have been loving all the posts I’m writing. You guys have been really cool about my more thought-filled posts like my recent one about My Relationship With Tattoos and Positive Thinking, which I went back and forth on actually publishing for a while. So, thank you all for sticking around and hanging with me on my blog!

Anyway, as the title says, I thought it would be cool to do another Q’n’A. I know I’ve already done these before (twice now), but they’re always fun and I figure it’s a nice way for you guys to get to know me more! I’ll be doing it in blog form instead of video form this time though. As for when I’m going to do it, I’ll aim for it to be up by the time I reach 2600. Then I’ll try think of something big to do at 3000. I’m thinking another blog party, but I was also saving that for when I reach my blogiversary. We’ll save it for whatever comes first.

So, feel free to ask me questions about anything. I’ll do my best to answer them all, so whether you have blog-related questions, serious questions, silly questions, or anything in between, ask away!

I’ll include a bit about this Q’n’A at the end of each post I write until I reach the next milestone, so hopefully I’ll have a fair few questions to answer for you guys!


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Instagram Thoughts

I love Instagram. It’s the only other social media platform I’m on everyday, besides WordPress. I’ve been wanting to write a post about Instagram for a while. I kept trying, but I couldn’t ever get all my thoughts down in a coherent way. But, I recently read Ella’s latest post which was about whether Instagram may be toxic for us (which you should all ready by the way). So here I am, trying again to write coherently how I feel about Instagram. Bear with me as I try ramble out my thoughts and also share some of my favourite photos to break up all the words.

When I first heard of Instagram, I thought it sounded neat. A visual platform where people can share photos, play with filters, and connect all over the world. Obviously, I heard about the negative parts of Instagram too. How it can influence people, and make them anxious or envious because of the photos they were seeing. Beautiful, skinny people in amazing far-off places, creating amazing dishes and just having that perfect aesthetic. Sure, I get bouts of jealousy, but then my thoughts turn to planning a holiday, where hopefully one day I can go somewhere like that. Or I look at my own photos of my of past trips. My mindset is able to often turn things around and turn negative thoughts into positive. But not everyone thinks like that. So if someone’s posts are continually making you feel bad, it may be time to unfollow, or maybe step away from the app for a bit.

Another thought I have about Instagram, is the whole mess of following and unfollowing. For the first few months I had my account on private and didn’t really upload anything. After I started getting more into blogging, I moved my account to public and began following fellow bloggers. Since then, my account has grown fairly steadily. I have over 400 followers currently, but it was a confusing time to get there. Sometimes when I publish a post, new accounts will just randomly follow. Then an hour later they vanish. Then there’s all the bot accounts that say they can increase your followers by thousands. It gets a little messy. But sometimes, you get a follow from someone whose feed you like, and a mutual bond is made which is cool!

Instagram also changed it’s feed algorithm, so that the photos you see aren’t in chronological order but rather what has the most likes. So now I have to scroll for ages, or go to direct pages to find photos from the people I really want to see from. It’s weird, but I think I’ve figured out a way that works for me.

All these strange thoughts about Instagram aside, it really is such a fun platform. I love seeing what pictures everyone will post, whatever it is. It’s a fun addition to blogging, seeing bits and pieces of everyone’s life when they’re not on here. I also have gotten addicted to trying think of as many hashtags as possible. I try to limit myself at 10..most of the time ?

What are your general thoughts on Instagram? Do you agree that it’s a fun, photo sharing app but could probably benefit from being a little less confusing?


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Doodle Journal Update

Hey all! I have a short little post for you today. The longest time ago, I shared my little doodle journal I had started. I don’t want to fully commit to a bullet journal, so this is a compromise of sorts. Well, I’ve slowly been adding more pages, and even started trying some ‘bu-jo’ esque ideas.

Here’s what I’ve got.

I did one more doodle page, this time for my love of baking!

baking doodle

One of the bu-jo ideas I’ve borrowed is for books I’ve read. I’ve made an aim for 30, and I saw this idea on Pinterest for a bookshelf that looked like fun. I’m up to my fifth book at the moment. As I finish books, I fill in a book. I’ve even decided to colour them in depending on what genre they fit into. Hopefully it’ll be super colourful by the end!

books doodle

Another idea is for movies I’ve seen. It’s very minimalistic, but I love it!

movies doodle

Finally, I’ve done another baking one. As I try new ideas, I do a little doodle of them. I don’t know if I’ll fill the whole page, but I want to try!

baking doodle 2

That’s all the extra pages I’ve done for now. I don’t spend as much time on this as I do other hobbies, but it does give me lots of satisfaction filling in! Do you guys have any ideas of other pages I could do?


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A Trip to Cape Palliser

We took an impromptu trip up to Cape Palliser over the weekend. I was looking for day trip ideas, and this one came up. It’s just a two hour drive out from Wellington, and we were promised lots of beautiful coastal views and a lighthouse. So off we went!

cape palliser 01

The last 45 minutes of the drive were really stunning! As promised, we got lots of coastal views.

cape palliser 02

Even from inside the car, I was getting snap happy. Seeing the rock cliffs on one side and the sea on the other was really pretty.

cape palliser 03

We stopped a couple of times along the road and took some more photos. The scenery along the coast got more rocky. Soon we spotted the lighthouse in the distance.

cape palliser 04

It’s striped red and white and high up on the hills! We kept driving down the road and kept getting closer.

cape palliser 05

Eventually we saw the track to get up to the lighthouse. The track was short, but can you spot the massive staircase? 258 steps to get to the top. I started off confident, but by 100 steps in, my legs were begging me to stop. But you can’t, cause this is a long, steep staircase, no space to sit, and nowhere to go but up!

cape palliser 07

Once I made it to the top, I sat down for a bit. I had to catch my breath, and wait for my legs to stop being shaky. Eventually I did, and I was able to fully appreciate the view! In a way, I felt like I’d earned it.

cape palliser 06

Can you spot that tiny yellow car on the road? I loved watching the cars driving along, they looked like toys! Now that we made it up, we spent a while taking lots of pictures.

cape palliser 09

It was crazy windy up there, and even though my hair was braided, loose bits kept getting knocked out and whooshing around.

cape palliser 12

We both took photos of each other, as well as a few selfies. Selfies that I probably won’t share because my hair looked insane in every single one of them. Seriously, it was so windy!!

cape palliser 08

After enjoying the view, our sights turned onto the lighthouse. It’s locked up since it’s not really in use anymore. It’s also huge close up! It took lots of maneuvering and crouching for me to get the whole lighthouse in one photo.

cape palliser 10

cape palliser 11

We stayed up there for a while, enjoying the sights and just basking in the sun. We had the place to ourselves for a few minutes while the next group made their way up those crazy stairs.

cape palliser 13

Finally, we decided to head back down. Walking up was tiring, but walking down was daunting. Those steps were really steep. I made my way down very slowly, and soon we were back down where we started.

cape palliser 14

Before leaving to find lunch somewhere, I took a few more photos of the sea. Isn’t is incredibly blue??

That’s all for this post! I hope you enjoyed coming along on this little trip to Cape Palliser! It was so beautiful, and gave me yet another chance to play with my camera. Rory and I also had quite a fun road trip up, we had the windows down, and did lots of singing and talking.

Have you guys gone on a little day trip lately? Where’d you go?


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