Looking Back on 2017 (Jan-Apr)

I could have just done one big post recap for 2017, but that’s not how I roll. I love to share details and get in-depth, so instead, I’ll be sharing my 2017 recap over three posts. Each one broken up into four months.

This one is all about January to April. The biggest months for me since it includes my wedding and honeymoon.

Here we go.


Back in January, I was still in wedding planning mode. By now, I was spending lots of time on Pinterest, trying to think of decoration ideas. I also had my hair and makeup trial, and we settled on a hair do and look. I eventually decided against a flower crown though, but that was the only thing we changed on the day.



We decided to have a mini getaway and headed up North to do the Tongariro Crossing. We stayed in a nice little lodge, where they gave us a ride up early Saturday morning to do this big hike! I wrote more about it here! It was exhausting, but definitely worth it! 

There was more wedding planning, including scouting out a potential spot for photos that was close to our venue. We landed on Percy’s Scenic Reserve, which also has a little track that leads to a cute waterfall! Way too muddy to walk in with fancy attire on though.

The month ended on me being able to take home my wedding dress. I felt so stunning with it on, even just standing in the boutique.


This month was pretty full on. With it being just a few weeks out from the wedding, it was pretty hectic. I still worked up to two weeks out from the date, and on my last day, the staff and kids had a big party for me, and gave me a huge bouquet of flowers!

Two days before the wedding, I was surprised with an impromptu hens night with my sister Jo and best friend Kruti. They plotted with Rory to get me in the right place, and we spent the night together playing bowling, laser tag, and then eating cake!

The evening before the wedding we had the rehearsal. I was nervous and wound up the whole time, but everyone came together to finalise decorations and work out how the ceremony would go.

Then, it was our wedding day! A long, but also fast, day filled with love, friends and family. I’ve written lots of posts about this, so I’ll end it on that note.


Technically we left for Fiji on March 26, but as it rolls over into April, let’s start recapping this month. So yeah, April started off with us hanging out in a resort on a tropical island. The best way to start a month. I wrote two posts about our time in Fiji. One about our stay, and the other about just the food!

Then it was back to reality. By the second week of April we were back at work, living in our little flat. A bit of a bummer after all the previous excitement. However, now that wedding and honeymoon planning was all done, I began to commit myself to my latest project, Life of Angela! I started baking again as I wanted to share my creations on the blog. I haven’t stopped since really.

Midway through the month, I got my first tattoo! I was so scared that it would be incredibly painful, but it was more just mildly uncomfortable. I was very happy with the final design!

The last weekend of April was spent with a mini trip up to Auckland to see Hans Zimmer live. We caught up with Jo and Tibor and spent a weekend hanging out.

A lot of big things happened in the beginning of 2017! It was definitely the most exciting section of the year for me!


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