Looking Back on 2017 (May-Aug)

Yesterday, I looked back on January to April, today it’s all about May to August! Otherwise known as the birthday months for most of my family.


Enjoying the last sunny days, we headed out to the new restaurant that people kept talking about. Comes & Goes. We stopped by for brunch, and their creations were really stunning!

We also celebrated my Dad’s birthday! We had dinner, gifts, hung out, took selfies and all that fun stuff.

Blogging wise I reached 500 followers which was mind blowing at the time!


The official start of winter for us. Which was a bummer as on the blog, everyone kept sharing pictures and posts about summer. The plus side of the weather being cooler is that it does motivate me to get moving. One weekend, I even walked the trek up to Mt Victoria!

This was also when we celebrate my brother, Andrew’s birthday!

Near the end of the month we also celebrated my mum’s birthday a week early (her birthday is in July) as Jo and Tibor came down to Wellington. So it was double the celebration this month!

The end of the month ended on a celebration for me as we finally received all the photos from our wedding! I had been waiting for these since March so it was really exciting!


By now, every weekend was spent going to open houses. It was starting to wear on us as we had put offers on many houses by now, and kept losing out. This month, we finally were able to buy a house!

This month was also huge for my blog. I reached 1000 followers and hosted a huge blog party! Since going self-hosted the likes and views reset, but the crazy amount of comments stayed!!

I also finally decided to go self-hosted, which was huge for me! I’m glad I went for it, even though I was so confused along the way. It did feel like the right time to make the jump for my blog. I’ve since updated how my site’s theme again, but I’m really happy with the current one!

I also took part in the Thrift List that Kali was doing this month. It brought back my love of checking out thrift stores which I’m so happy with it!


The month of my sister’s birthday.

In terms of life, we were just sorting things for our new house. I did also buy a new pair of glasses as I was bored of my old pair.

Speaking of changing up my look, I also cut my hair as I felt it was getting too long.

The middle months of the year were very quiet on our end. We were just chugging along with our daily lives, bearing through the cold seasons. The one huge thing though, was obviously buying a house!


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