Looking Back on 2017 (Sep-Dec)

The final recap for 2017, we’ve reached the last months of the year, where we moved into our own house and had lots of celebrations!


The huge thing on this month though was moving house! We said goodbye to our small flat, and moved into our own house!

I also first got into bath bombs this month, as I finally had a bath to try them in!

At the end of the month, I bought a new camera! We immediately went for a walk and got snap happy. The quality of the photos was so amazing! It made me want to develop my skills more, and I’m still working on my photography now.



I took part in a photography challenge this month. We went on lots of little walks and drives for me to work on my photo skills. It was so much fun!

We also went up to Auckland and Waiheke Island for a few days. It was an amazing break as the weather was now brightening up for spring. The island was so gorgeous!


We celebrated Jo and Tibor’s wedding while on the island. It was an amazing day and we all took literally hundreds of photos!


Back home, it was time for Rory’s birthday!

291A5572 copy

This month was definitely another big one for celebrations!


Summer was around the corner, and it meant spending lots more time outside!

outside selfie

Not much happened in general this month. I bought a lot of stuff though. My ASOS playsuit, more makeup and clothes.


The best month arrives! I started off the month getting our house decorated for Christmas. We even built gingerbread houses!

gingerbread houses

I bought many things this month. What with it being my birthday, and then Christmas two weeks afterwards, I get in a “Treat Yo’ Self” mood.

For my birthday, we went out for a high tea, I got a new tattoo, spent lots of time with my family! At the same time, I got to celebrate 6 years of being with my now husband, Rory!

For Christmas, I spent time with both my family, and Rory’s family. I ate waaay too much goodies, and on top of that was given lots of extra snacks and mini gifts from my work.

Finally, blogging wise, I reached 2000 followers! My blog continues to grow more than I ever thought possible!


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