Thoughts From A Year Ago

I shared a post a long time ago about letters I had written to my future self. There’s a site called FutureMe where you can write a letter to yourself on any date. They store the email, and then send it to you on that date. It’s really cool!

Well, on New Years Day, I received a letter from myself that I wrote back on January 1 2017. So, I’ll share bits and pieces of the letter, and also write a response, because I talk (argue) with myself as I read it anyway.


So let’s again talk about things that current us would like to achieve within the year.

First, if we don’t have our full registration by now, what the shit dude. You should’ve gotten it by April by the latest. I’m pretty sure we’d have it by the time you’re reading this though.

Okay, 2017 Angela, you should know that we are lazy and it’s very easy for us to slip out of good habits. Like driving constantly. It’s been that way for years…but I really do need to get around to that. Driving is kind of a life skill. So, that’s fair. You should yell at me about that.


Second, how was wedding and honeymoon? Bet we took lots of photos, and had way too much fun compiling albums. Do we have lots of instant photos? Put them in an album too.

Both were AMAZING. I remember feeling so jealous when I wrote this letter that 2018 me had already gone through all of this, and I still had to wait a few months. If I could relive those moments, I would. Yes, we did also take a million photos. Have you seen the album in Google Photos? It’s insanely packed. We do also have quite a few physical photos from both the wedding and honeymoon in albums which were very fun to make.


Thirdly, which is tangentially related. Money. I know we didn’t save much the last year, but that’s cause Sydney and Honeymoon got paid off. So this year we will try our best to save a lot more. That’d be neat. Maybe we’re even starting to look at owning a house. I know we’ll still be living in this flat, but if we have to hash it out for one more year so we save even more, I’m down. This place is super convenient for town things.

Haha, you had no idea we’d own a house by now. Nobody knew really. It was a huge surprise for us! Because of that, our savings are a lot lower. But we own a house, so it’s an even trade! I will say though, I do occasionally miss the convenience of that tiny flat in town. Everything was within walking distance.


Fourth, I hope we’re still driving. We need that experience on the road. We’ve only been doing it for a few days at the moment. But we can do it!! If you’ve been driving everyday till you read this, then we may even be able to go for full. It would be awesome if we could cross that off our adult list too.

Okay, so driving has come up twice now. I ‘conveniently’ left that off my 2018 goals as I just feel like I still won’t do it. It’s been on my goals list since 2016, but I just keep not driving for months on end. Then it takes me ages to get back into. I do really want to get my full license, but at the same time, the laziness runs deep. I have slowly started driving again this past week though. Here’s hoping it’ll stick?

evening walk 2

Fifth, that’s all I can think of. In general, maybe we could work out more, try get more healthy and fit, but that’s all good. We’re doing okay. What’s our new calendar look like? You buy more cardigans? How’s the family? Jo and Tibor finally get married? How’s Ma and Pa? Is their house drowning in fairy lights? How’s the boy doing at uni? He get a job or his license?

Yeah, I always have the general goal of doing better with health and fitness. I’m in okay shape, but I could do better. Also, that’s a lot of questions. Here’s my answers.

Our new calendar is from the same artist as last year, and it’s just as hilarious. I have actually bought more cardigans. The family is pretty good. Jo and Tibor did actually get married! Ma and Pa are good too. Per mum’s request, we all got her another few (many) boxes of fairy lights, so it’s definitely getting more and more bright. The boy (a.k.a. my brother Andrew) is doing good at uni as far as I know. He’s working towards getting both a job and his license.


Sixth, I’m out of things to say.

See you in a year, Mrs Angela Jenkins.

What a way to end the letter. Also, I find it cute that I ended it on my new married name.

I have now just gone and written another letter that I will send to my 2019 self. I won’t share it here, as I love keeping it as a surprise!

Have you guys ever used Future Me, or written a letter to your future self?


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