A Black and Gold OOTD

Here’s my first OOTD for 2018! I was just feeling my outfit this bright summer day. This striped and floral dress is super light and floaty. I wore it with my favourite necklace and shoes.

black and gold ootd

With the mix of black and yellow, I came up with my name for the outfit! It seemed fitting for a new years theme.

black and gold ootd 2

I got this necklace for my birthday. It’s very minimalist and delicate. A gold chain with a small moon and star.

black and gold ootd 3

This dress immediately jumped out to me. I love patterns in general. This dress has two different ones, but it comes together nicely. I have so many dresses now.

black and gold ootd 4

Since the weather has been getting really hot lately, I’ve been wearing my hair up. I love keeping it down, but it makes my neck feel all sweaty.

black and gold ootd 5

Now that it’s 2018, I’m aware that autumn is a few months out, so I’m soaking up all the sunshine that I can!

How has your 2018 been treating you so far?


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