Silly Accidents and Injuries

So, in my Christmas Memories post, I mentioned a few memories that consisted of silly accidents and injuries I got into. After writing that, I realized that I had done a lot more of these, and thought I would share.

In case you hadn’t read the previous post, I shared two incidents. One, where I tried to jump over a badminton net in my rollerblades (didn’t end well). Two, where I jumped off a seesaw and landed on my arm weird, spraining it pretty bad.

Here’s some more shenanigans I got into.

One time, I decided to try stick my pinky into a keyhole. I have no reason for it, nor can I remember why I thought I should do that in the first place. It got stuck. I cried. The adults around had to rub butter all over my finger, and eventually, I was able to wriggle my pinky free.

angela 08

One time, while I was practicing piano, I dropped some of my sheet music. As I bent down to get it, I hit my forehead on the corner of the piano. Hard. I got a cut above my eyebrow.

Another time, I was hanging out on a playground with some friends. We were running around on all the equipment. I decided to go down the slide headfirst, without putting my hands first. I had a decent bump on my head.

angela 12

One time, I was playing statues with friends. You guys know that game right? Someone is at the front, everyone else is way back. The person at the front turns, so that they’re facing away from everyone else. You all move forward, but then you have to freeze when the person turns back to face you, or you’re out. The point is to tag the person at the other end without getting caught out. You get it. Anyway, we were doing that game. I thought it would be funny to do a dramatic pose as they turned. Sliding across the floor on my knees dramatic. Thing is, we were playing on rough carpet, and I was wearing ripped jeans. Basically, I got carpet burn along my knee. Really bad.

angela 15

One time, I was running around the house, and managed to slam my leg into the corner of a chair. It’s still the worst bruise I’ve ever had. Took weeks to go away.

Another time, I was running around the backyard, and forgot that there was a small dip where the lawn meets the concrete. I jammed my foot in the groove and twisted my ankle.

angela 19

So yeah, don’t run around and be silly or you’ll most likely hurt yourself. But that’s a part of growing up right? Although, the last two happened when I was technically a young adult and should know better. However, I haven’t recently hurt myself. Not since last week when I turned and banged my head into an open cupboard door. The struggles of being clumsy, and not really paying attention to your surroundings.

Anyway, feel free to share some of the weird accidents or incidents you got into growing up. Or just laugh at mine.


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