Summer Flowers

We went to the Botanic Gardens recently, and I brought along my camera. I love taking pictures of nature and scenery! There were so many flowers everywhere, I got very excited in photographing everything. I have split my photos into two posts as I thought it worked better that way.

This post will be sharing my favourite flower photos I took. Tomorrow, I’ll share some general ones I took at the gardens.

You know, it’s crazy how nature is designed. Flowers come in so many different shapes. I like how different the petals are with each flower.

flowers 01

flowers 04

flowers 06

While exploring the rose garden, I kept coming across bumblebees doing their thing. I wanted to take closer photos of them, but I was too scared to get any closer.

flowers 02

flowers 03

The different colours and types of flowers entertained me for aaages. The cafe is nearby, so after we ordered, I headed out to take photos. Rory had to text me to remind me to come back for food. After eating, we headed back out and I was back to taking photos!

flowers 05

flowers 07

flowers 08

We went inside the Begonia House, which has more tropical displays as it’s in a temperature controlled room. There were all sorts of amazing looking plants there.

flowers 09

flowers 10

flowers 11

At the end of the Begonia House was a lily ponds with lots of aquatic plants. I really loved this one purple flower.

flowers 12

Finally, we wandered around the rest of the gardens. Here’s a few more of my favourite photos to wrap up this post!

flowers 13

flowers 14

That’s all the photos! There were way more, but I liked these the most. I think the photos came out really nice. I don’t know if there’s a proper way to take photos of flowers, but I had a lot of fun!


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