Summer Flowers

We went to the Botanic Gardens recently, and I brought along my camera. I love taking pictures of nature and scenery! There were so many flowers everywhere, I got very excited in photographing everything. I have split my photos into two posts as I thought it worked better that way.

This post will be sharing my favourite flower photos I took. Tomorrow, I’ll share some general ones I took at the gardens.

You know, it’s crazy how nature is designed. Flowers come in so many different shapes. I like how different the petals are with each flower.

flowers 01

flowers 04

flowers 06

While exploring the rose garden, I kept coming across bumblebees doing their thing. I wanted to take closer photos of them, but I was too scared to get any closer.

flowers 02

flowers 03

The different colours and types of flowers entertained me for aaages. The cafe is nearby, so after we ordered, I headed out to take photos. Rory had to text me to remind me to come back for food. After eating, we headed back out and I was back to taking photos!

flowers 05

flowers 07

flowers 08

We went inside the Begonia House, which has more tropical displays as it’s in a temperature controlled room. There were all sorts of amazing looking plants there.

flowers 09

flowers 10

flowers 11

At the end of the Begonia House was a lily ponds with lots of aquatic plants. I really loved this one purple flower.

flowers 12

Finally, we wandered around the rest of the gardens. Here’s a few more of my favourite photos to wrap up this post!

flowers 13

flowers 14

That’s all the photos! There were way more, but I liked these the most. I think the photos came out really nice. I don’t know if there’s a proper way to take photos of flowers, but I had a lot of fun!


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44 thoughts on “Summer Flowers

  1. I love taking photos of plants. It’s one of my favorite things. I also used to be dying to get closer to the bees to get a shot and guess what? I discovered that they are pretty harmless for the most part. I’ve been in the middle of taking a photo and had bees come right up against the camera. They really act like we don’t even exist, so I say keep making progress and move closer bit by bit. You’ll be surprised by how gentle they are when they aren’t being swatted at or their home destroyed. You’ll get to see their long tongues going in for nectar which is always cool.

    Also, when I can’t get somewhere like a garden, I often go to my neighborhood home improvement store and walk around the garden section with my camera like I’m in some National Geographic location. I don’t give a fuck! I’m glad to see you loving your camera. I love the roses with their layers of soft petals. xo


    1. It is so much fun! They’re the best photo subjects as they don’t move, and they’re always stunning!
      I’ll try get braver with the bees. Flying insects always freak me out, but they never harm me. I just flip out ?
      Haha, I haven’t thought of going to the store, they’d have so many different plants!


  2. I loved all of your photos. I have done a recent botanical garden post from Florida and most everything was frozen due to the freeze last week. Is it summer there?
    Loved looking at all of the varieties of flowers!


    1. Thank you so much Tabi!! I try to do photography posts every now and then. But I absolutely love doing them! I hope to do more while we still have this good weather ?
      I use a Nikon D3400. It’s jis a beginner DSLR but I’m so happy with it ?


      1. it really is!! LOL i don’t blame you, you have to remember to water them, and often they need fertilizer, and sometimes they need to be taken outside, lol.


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