A Walk to the Botanic Gardens

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, here are more of my photos from the Botanic Garden!  I’m just gonna say now, there’s quite a few photos in this post, but this is the most I could narrow it down. Just skim if you’d like!

I have a thing for taking photos from the ground up. I like squatting down and taking a photograph looking up at giant things. I may look weird as I do it, but the photo always comes out nice. This tree needs more leaves don’t you think?

gardens 01

This next tree on the other hand needs to get it’s branches under control.

gardens 02

This is the main garden. The official entrance takes you through here, but we like to come through the random side gates and make our way down. There’s always an impressive array of colours and pretty flowers here.

gardens 05gardens 03

I like these ones. I never confirmed it, but they may be baby’s breath. They are a favourite flower of mine (it’s tattooed on me and everything). Seeing so many of them together made them look like a fluffy cloud.

gardens 04

As we moved away from the main garden, we climbed up our usual path to make our way to the Rose Garden. The cafe is also in that area, and since we left just before lunch we were getting hungry. I like to stop at the highest point of the walk to take a photo of the garden from above.

gardens 06

In the middle of the rose garden is this little fountain. It’s nothing too impressive, but it makes a nice focal point. Also, ducks.

gardens 07

As we waited for our food, I galavanted around taking lots of photos of the flowers. If you want to see those photos, check out yesterday’s post! Next to the cafe is the Begonia House, which is always very warm and home to many tropic plants. My favourite part is the lily pond at the end.

gardens 08

There were many goldfish around which I kept trying to photograph, but they were all blurry. I did luck out with one particular shot though.

gardens 09

Finally, we just walked around aimlessly. Enjoying the sights, the sun, and each other’s company.

gardens 10

I did ask Rory to take some shots of me. I normally hesitate on asking people to take photos of me, preferring to take selfies (also I feel like I’m bothering people), but the background was too pretty to pass up. Here are my favourite ones from random places around the garden!

gardens 12gardens 11

gardens 13

The last stop we made was to the duck pond. Because you have to say hi to the ducks.

gardens 14

Hi Duck (and Pigeons).

gardens 15

Have you gone on any walks lately?


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59 thoughts on “A Walk to the Botanic Gardens

  1. I’m also a big lover of Babies Breath. I keep them around the house because even when they are dried up they stay pretty. I’ve never dreamed of seeing so many together, and so tall too. I think that would’ve been my favorite spot. I love the first photo of the tree from down below. Photographers can’t always be worried about appearances when there’s a beautiful shot to be taken. Those huge trees look prefect for climbing. I took some photos of similar trees just last week and shot in black and white. I’m planning to share them soon, so we can compare nature photog notes! 🙂


    1. It’s such a beautiful flower! I haven’t seen so many all together before, I think it was a new display. It’s cool cause they change it up every year ?
      Haha, I’m still self conscious when I’m taking photos from different angles. But the longer I do it, the more comfortable I am with it.
      Ooh i can’t wait to see your pictures! Taking nature photos never gets old, they’re also never the same! ?


  2. This post makes me miss summer so much! Whenever it starts to get warm, I go to one of our local gardens asap because they are always so beautiful. Glad to hear you enjoyed your walk 🙂


    1. I went to the garden back in our winter and there was basically nothing around. I loved it this time around! It’s definitely always a good time to explore gardens in the summer! ?


  3. I think it’s just as well you had Rory take a few pics of you because you’re right, the scenery was just too good to waste on selfies. This place looks stunning and so peaceful! x


    1. You can never get much of the background with selfies, so I’m glad I asked Rory to take some pictures! They’re some of my favourites at the moment 🙂
      The gardens is definitely a beautiful and peaceful place 😀


    1. Thanks Arundhati! The scenery was stunning, and these were just a snippet of all the pictures I took! Is it a banyan tree?? I had no idea. They have signs all over the place, but I get too carried away just looking at everything that I always forget to read the signs and see what I’m looking at 😀


      1. I claim complete ignorance but its roots remind me a bit of the banyan hence the mention. I think the point is to ramble and take pictures, just soak in the blissful beauty of the park, so really the rest is trivial unless you want to boast that you ‘know’ trees. Like I do in front of Adi and he says I am faking it 😛


      1. I think we have a few here deep in the forests, but they’re very hard to find. I’ll have to to go the Chinese and Japanese garden and hopefully I can find a tree just like it!


  4. The botanical gardens are so beautiful angela :), great photos too. I’ve been on a couple of nature walks and the views have been lovely. It’s also helps me to appreciate the stillness of nature.


  5. This looks like Wellington, the city I was born in (a long time ago) though I live in Australia now. We visited this botanical garden a couple of years ago and had a lovely day there.


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